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Do I need a Title Every Time ??


1.10.2014 I tried so hard to find an iota of time to post yesterday and I just could not find one. I have been so busy with work and then I have picked up a few freelance jobs on the side…so, needless to say I have no time for myself left over at the end of the days. But I have still been sticking to my ‘photo what I eat’ project. Although yesterday I feel like I ate breakfast ALL day. And I did. I had breakfast 3 times yesterday, mainly oatmeal…but still.

Isaac’s counselor came over yesterday and met with him and I for a little. He said he wants me to continue doing what I have been doing. Being clear and concise with Isaac and basically giving him no room to argue. I have been doing so great with that, I have impressed myself. So I will continue that.


As far as my food today I disappointed myself real bad. Luis took me to Golden Coral and I ate like I was eating my last meal! I was so full by the time I left I was miserable. And the bad thing was that was all I ate all day. I did not make anything dinner, nothing. We came home and watched movies all afternoon. Then just now I decided to have a bowl of ice cream before I hit the bed. I was happy that I visited a Zumba class today though with some friends from work. That was fun and I am going back on Thursday night with Luis’ aunt. I really hope she likes it. I know I did.

We took Isaac and a few of his friends to the skating rink tonight so that they could have some fun and be away from parents for a while. I figured once in a while is okay, and he is getting older so he needs that responsibility. He enjoyed it and they are talking about wanting to go again, so I told Isaac it all depends on behavior. Good way to end that conversation. Good behavior reaps good privileges.

Well, need to go to bed…I am wanting to go to the morning service at church tomorrow, so I better get some sleep 🙂


They just Keep coming


I have come to the point in time of not asking people to explain the ‘why’ or ‘how’ in a situation. Because I have figured out it is clearly because of God’s Will for my life and happiness. Let me explain.

I love my church, church family and friends I have made there. It never fails that they have an answer to prayers, my prayers. For a few months now I have not had livingroom furniture because the old set was torn and dirty and just quite frankly ready for the trash. I told myself I was not going to buy furniture, rather I was going to use my livingroom for a prayer room and my quiet room to be with God. So for months, that is what I have been doing. Remember this, I will pick up here later.

Now, it is also that time of year where the Women begin buying their new ministry shirts. This is to help support the women’s ministry as well as wearing them on retreat in October. So, I had to buy my shirt too, which was $15. Remember this too, I will come back to it as well.

So…yesterday the women’s ministry had a yard sale to raise funds for the ministry and someone donated a beautiful couch to the sale! I immediately wanted it! I talked to the leader of the ministry and we worked out that I would make payments to the ministry until it was all paid off.  Great! Now I have a couch.

So here I was this morning knowing I had to go to the ATM to get the $15 for the shirt and $50 for the first payment on the couch set. I walked into the church and go directly to her to pay for the shirt when she tells me someone already paid for my shirt! Well, excellent I thought, saved some money. Thank you God! Then I began walking into the sanctuary and I saw the woman who donated the couch and I went to go thank her when she tells me not to pay for it! That in fact her and her husband are making a donation to the women’s ministry to pay for the couch! I just thank her and walk away amazed.

So, sitting in the church I start thinking about Isaac who did not go to church because of a last-minute oral surgery he had Saturday. He is home and not feeling well at all. I knew I could take that money and go grocery shopping and buy him some food that he could chew, or not chew for that matter. Now, it all made sense as to why God had intervened, I needed to have the money to buy him foods he could eat and swollen.

Bottom line…my Father knows what I need and He supplies.

Started a New Book


Thank Heavens for little places like Half Priced Books or Barnes and Noble…sometimes even the library. Because without them, I would probably never would read anything but my bible. And while that is not a bad thing, reading other items is just a bonus. So, while I was at HPB looking for a different book entirely, I found ‘The Devil in Pew Number Seven’ written by Rebecca Nichols Alonzo with Bob DeMoss.

First of all, I love reading true stories, life events, and recently the true life testimonies of how people grew closer to God. That very moment when they knew their lives would never again be the same. That very moment that they knew for every walking day for the rest of eternity Jesus would be holding their hand. I hope I found that in this very book. From the author’s note she tries to convince me immediately that it is a true story she is going to tell me. She actually repeats it several times as if I did not understand it the first time. But what got me and made me want to spend the $7.49 on this paper back book, was the last sentence on the author’s note.

‘After all, forgiveness is the language of love in Heaven.’

When I read that I felt like I had a duty to read this, this amount of forgiveness must be enormous to write a book about it. Forgiveness is a hard subject for me to approach in my walk with God and through my prayers. Simply because it seems as though every adult leading up to my 35th birthday has walked out on me in one sense or another. So, as much as I try to say I forgive them, I forgive my mother, my father, my sisters, my brothers…I think I just ignore more than I forgive.

I find myself asking God how to forgive them. How do you forgive a mother that gave up on you when you were a child, as much as I know it was not his fault how could I blame my dad for dieing before I got to really know him! How selfish of me, right? I try daily to forgive them for what they have done. But I realized I needed to learn how to love Kristina, and forgive Kristina, for hating Kristina for so many years first. I have just recently begun to love me, for me. All my defects in tow, I love me now. Now I can focus on forgiving the adults from my past.

This book, may or may not help me with that. Only time and prayer will tell, but I know out of the thousands of books there, God led me to this one. So this is the one I will read.

Good night and God Bless your dreams…