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Another Successful; NO MEAT MONDAY!


NO MEAT MONDAYYa know, I do not miss meat too much. I could handle not having meat more than one day a week. I might think about that and see what God guides me to do. I thought I would feel yucky or weak, but I don’t. My friends make fun of me and pick with me, because they have no interest in giving up meat, at all. But I just keep telling myself it is my resolution, not theirs. Actually, I am used to people picking with me about how I eat. Since I do not eat beef or pork in the first place. People usually think it is a religious thing, but it is not. It is a health thing. I feel bad when I eat meat. I just do not digest it well. Even now, it has been so long since I have eaten them now they really make me feel awful. I do not make Luis and Isaac suffer to bad though, every once in a while I make them some beef something. Just like the only day, Luis said he wanted some pulled pork sliders, so I might go ahead and make those for them. I will just have salad or something! 


I have started to listen to some teen upbringing faith-based CDs in my car now. I am also listening to what his counselor is saying, and I will be damned it is working. The past 2 days in this house have been so much better than normal. I have learned how to stop robbing Isaac of his consequences, and letting him see for himself what happens when poor decisions are made. I can not believe how good it feels to come home and my house is not trashed and the living room is not a mess. It is small things like that make me happy. I have learned how to use the saying ‘No Problem’ and walk away. I did that for the first time tonight and it felt so good! Of course, it got him curious as to wonder what that meant, but I do not explain. Just respond with ‘No Problem’…We shall see. I still have the homework assignment that the counselor gave me, I have to make a list of the household rules. Even the ones he breaks, so that should be fun! Not! The great thing is that his counselor is a believer and speaks about scripture with him. He talks to him and not at him, which is what the others have done. I am really hoping that this helps because he will be in the real world sooner than I know!


On a brighter note, we have decided to get a puppy! I am so excited to get a puppy and begin training and get walking to the park again like I used to with Bo. It is to young yet, he cannot come home for 2 more weeks. But I am posting his picture just so everyone can see how gorgeous he is! A friend of mine at work has a neighbor friend that has them. Of course they are not pure bred puppies, but who says a baby in this house needs to be pure bred? We are all mixed in this house! I am going to go start shopping for him this week and get ready for him. And I will need to call the vet for an appointment to get his little jewels clipped off 😦 Sorry, not having any illegitimate children over here! But, we are all excited. I am sure I am more excited than the guys, but who cares 🙂 He is a cutie!





Yesterday was a real light day on food, I have not been feeling 100% the past few days. I had some cereal for breakfast, then Luis bought me some Hawaiian bread and I had some coffee, and for dinner I made my ‘famous but not really’ mac and cheese 🙂 It is just ground turkey, diced onion, diced tomato, seasonings, and then make elbow noodles and Velveeta for the cheese with some milk to make it smooth. They liked it. Well, Luis and I liked it, Isaac has to complain of course because there was tomatoes in it. Boo-Hoo…Not sure when he started hating tomatoes but I suppose he has…I also had 2 sugar cookies that I forgot to take a picture of, oops.





1.13.2014Today I ate more, but I still did not feel any better. I think I feel worse actually, but I do not tell anyone, but Luis. I had some oatmeal and cinnamon apples for breakfast. This is quickly becoming my favorite breakfast item of all time! Since it was No Meat Monday, I had to make a different lunch. I had PB&J, cherry tomatoes, cookies, and a yogurt. But for dinner I started to experiment. I cut up onion, sweet potato, and carrot in a pan and cooked it. Then I added scrambled eggs and spinach and avocado at the end. It was super good! I sprinkled some shredded cheese on it, but honestly I did not even need to do that it was good without it.

I have not been to the gym in 2 days though and that is killing me. I literally feel fat when I do not go. I know I have not gained any weight, but I still feel like a big blob when I just sit on my rear. I have to make sure I go tomorrow, I can not allow my sugar to get out of whack because I want to be lazy!

Well…until next time…


2 Days in One!



I know, I know…I had chocolate yesterday! I was surprised of myself too. But I was literally at my desk falling asleep. I was having such a hard time keeping myself awake it was crazy. So, I decided to get me a little chocolate…it was good too 🙂 I did not really eat a whole lot of anything else so I did not feel guilty. I made a huge veggie salad for my lunch and unfortunately I had to miss breakfast because I was just running so late from going to the gym. Then i just had some plain old Ramen noodles for dinner. Still no soda! Not allot happened though. the day itself was pretty uneventful.

We got a new girl at my job and I am just beside myself about her. She is so rude, and obnoxious. She has such a nasty mouth and makes me so uncomfortable. I am so glad that I do not work close to her, I might need to request a transfer. She thinks I told about her cussing when in fact I was not the only person that heard her. So, when I walked past her she actually called me a B&%$@ while I was within ear shot. I almost forgot who I was, but I regrouped and just let it go. I just kept walking. But I did tell HR. There is no reason for her to be like that. There is a time and place for ugly, and work is not one of them. I love that job and if letting her run mouth is the best thing for me to do, then so be it. People like that will eventually bury themselves. I do not even need to do anything at all. I think I will enjoy the show though. It might become an exciting movie to watch actually! I will keep you updated…

Luis is starting to get the flu I think. He came home last night from work pretty rough, fever and all. I got him some meds and he woke up a little better, but then went back to bed and broke fever again. His silly butt woke up and showered and went to work. Saying he is not around anyone at work so he won’t be getting anyone else sick! I just want to rattle him sometimes he is so hard-headed. He is the grumpiest thing when he is sick too, so of course I am walking on pins and needles in the house. I am praying for him to get better, that can not come quick enough. I am making him salads and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables with vitamins. He has no choice but to get better! I have already claimed it for him.

I had the day off today and I was really worried I was going to sit here and munch and eat all day. But I didn’t, I actually did real well. One sec while I go make a cup of green tea…

1.9.2014 tea

Now that is better…I have become pretty close to expecting a hot cup of green tea, fresh squeezed lemon and honey stick…right before bed now. It seems like it is some sort of routine, just mine. Isaac is asleep, Luis is at work, my work is done and now I can focus on me. I had a day off today since Isaac had an appointment today so I actually got allot done. I went to the gym this morning, came home and got Isaac to go to the doctor, took him back to school, and come home to start cleaning. I cleaned the kitchen and washed the laundry including the sheets and blankets. I got a lot of web work done that needed to be caught up. I have actually been busy and deserve this green tea 🙂


Now to my food for today. I think I did pretty well. I even went to the gym today on my day off of work. So that in itself was an accomplishment. But I did have fast food today. With all the running around today I grabbed me a turkey sandwich from Arby’s and some fries. I still did not have soda. I got a sweet tea, but I gave it to Luis because he loves sweet tea 🙂 I decided to have oatmeal for lunch, I was cold from the inside out. I figured oatmeal that would warm me up. It worked to! I snuck one of Luis’ Klondike bars in there somewhere 🙂 And then for dinner I got a little creative. I made a small bag of Rice-a-Roni garlic and herb noodles and then I had 2 chicken quarters from a leftover dinner the other night. I took the meat off and added it to the noodles. Then I took a roll of croissant dough and put some on the bottom of the pan, poured the mixture in it, and then put another layer on top. Baked it and ended up with a sloppy version of a chicken pot pie. The good thing is, it tasted great! and Isaac cleaned his plate, which has not happened in a long time. He usually finds something wrong and pitches it. So, to see an empty plate made me feel good about what I had done. Like I had done something good for a change.

I guess I need to get in the bed, I do go back to work tomorrow. I am praying for good news tomorrow as Luis puts his truck in the shop for repairs. I am hoping it is within budget and will be fixed good as new. We have been using one car and need to have two for this family. We are too busy to be down to one car 🙂

Until next time…

Fat People Judge Too…


I made a very good assessment today, fat people judge just as much as fat people think that skinny people judge. I can say that, because well, I am fat. I have been a member of the gym Planet Fitness now for a while, and I love going. But I have seen a lot of different people come and go in my well over a year stint in the gym. Today it just hit me, there is allot of new people here. Then I put two and two together and I realized it was because it is still the New Year and these are the ones that made the resolution to get healthy in 2014! I hate to be like that, but I am without a doubt certain they will start dropping like flies when the hype dies down. There are several different people who are at my gym, many of which I watched, and judged today. I am not proud of my behavior, but I am adult enough to admit it.

The Farter: This is the worst person in the gym! I have on occasion been this person, but I will never admit it. This is the person that works out so hard, sometimes a little gas just pops out! You can not help it and by the time it happens it is too late. They look around to see if anyone heard anything and then act as though everything is okay, while the stench fades away.

The Looker: I can not stand these girls, and yes they are always girls. These are the ones that come in cute little clothes, with hair done and makeup on. Yes, I said it, Make Up! These are the ones that take up space on the treadmill, just to look around and watch other people be serious and actually work hard to burn a few calories. They walk slower than molasses in winter because they do not want to bust a sweat. They really could stay home, but they choose to come to the gym and take up space serious people could really use.

The Show Off: Thankfully with working out at Planet Fitness there are not to many of these. They are normally men who come in a group with their friends and want to show off with who can bench press the most, or who can do the most squats. Something crazy like that. I am thankful for the Lunk Alarm at the gym, so this does not happen too much.

The last one that I believe needs to be recognized is:

The Newbie: I have been this girl, anyone at a gym has been this person. You buy all new workout gear, bag, shoes, headbands, wristbands, and towels. You come to the gym with the mentality of losing at least 20 pounds that same day! When it does not happen, you get a little discouraged and then a little more. The shoes start to hurt your feet. You lose one wrist band so you do not wear the rest of the set. Discouragement sets in. And finally, you do not want to go anymore.

The newbie is the one I make sure I smile at, nod my head at, or in some occasions even strike up a conversation with. Because it is hard. When discouragement sets in, it is hard to come back. There is always something more important or more fun to do. But to choose to workout over one of those things, is a huge thing. Sometimes it is a thing that people need help with. I hate to see all the newbies at the beginning of the year taper off. I want them all to continue. Reach their goals and continue to be healthy. But I know in reality that will not happen. My wish for everyone is that it would happen. That they would find their courage and get up daily and go. Move their bodies.


Today was a good day. Luis took me to breakfast at Golden Coral, that seems to be a good pre-grocery shopping place. I refuse to go grocery shopping hungry. I ate allot, but I knew I was only really going to eat 2 meals today, so I was okay with it. Then I had a sugar cookie in the afternoon. For dinner we made tortilla pizzas. Mine had diced onion, sweet peppers, sauce, and cheese on it. The men of the house had meat! I ended the night with making homemade cookies for them. They were very nutritious and Isaac liked them, Luis not so much. But, they were good to me 🙂 All they were was oats, apple sauce, raisins, vanilla, skim milk, cinnamon and bananas. Plop them on a pan and bake them like cookies. My cousin gave me the idea, and we all know I love to play with recipes and experiment with food. 

Isaac was sent to bed tonight for just having his wonderful Isaac Attitude. He threw the remote at Luis and so I told him it was bedtime. He of course did not listen, so I turned off the TV and put my foot down. I am not arguing with him anymore. He either listens or there are serious consequences. He went to bed, after calling me names, and fussing about it. But you know what, I still did not raise my voice. I still did not cuss, and I still explained to him why I was sending him to bed. I am gaining control over this house and he hates the new mom of 2014. Yeah, because the one in 2013 was scared of her son. Not anymore. Now, he either listens or there will be consequences. Ones he will not like at all. He still has no computer. And has asked for it several times, answer is still no. He will realize you are not allowed to speak to your mom any kind of way. Maybe he won’t realize it now, but he will. I have more than enough faith in him that he will.

Well, have church in the morning…so until next time.


It has been awhile…


but I felt the need to write something today. There have been alot of important things happening here lately and things I want to share. I do not know if anyone even reads this thing anymore, but who cares. It is my sounding board tonight lol…

I have been doing really good on the weight loss and the exercising. I have to be honest; when I began I was wearing a size 30 in a jeans. Today I was able to buy a 24 and they fit! And I do not mean they fit tight, they fit comfortably. I can sit in them, I can bend in them; and I can breathe. I did not think that would happen for a long time. I stood on the scale today and I am at exactly 30 pounds being lost. I come to find out the scale I was using was off, so I have not lost 32 pounds as I thought before. But today I am officially at 30 and going down I am sure. Because I just bought a scale today, so I did not get to weigh until night-time, I will be weighing tomorrow on an empty stomach and really see. I have joined a gym here, Planet Fitness, and have been working out every day. Isaac has even been going with me which is excellent. Even with his cast on his arm, he works out with one arm!

Speaking of Isaac, we heard from the orthopedic surgeon for his arm and they have decided no surgery! Nothing will be done until they take the cast off mid-March. Then they will re-xray it and go from there. But they seem to have very high hopes. He broke 2 bones in his wrist and has a 7mm tear in the tendon. So for now we still have the cast on there, but soon it will come off and I am sure he can not wait either. He has really been a trooper through this whole thing. Especially with missing out on a birthday party really because it happened the day of his birthday, I will do something special when they take it off though.

Now for something amazing. Remember when our house was broken into in September 2011? Well, I get a call today from the investigator that they found his Wii in a pawn shop in Dallas. Some girl pawned it. He called to ask me if I knew the name, but I did not recognize it. But now we have to go to court and stand in front of a judge and attest to a judge that it is in fact his game. I still have the box so I can confirm that the serial numbers match. I have been praying for justice with this robbery. Peace of mind more like it. That God would bring these people to justice so I can sleep in my home in peace and not in fear. And this happens today. My God is such a providing God. That is why I love Him. He never fails me. Maybe He did not have it done immediately, but he did have it one when He knew I could mentally take it and was not so stressed out and worried about it. He picked the best time to tell me. When I was calmed down with my kiddo and his friend.

So, I guess that is about it. I know shocking right…I am out of things to say lol. But really it is just the fact that it is almost 9:30pm and I have to be up at 4:30am for work. One thing I want to add, I have now fallen in love with drinking Brenner Green Tea, hot with one Truvia packet in it. Just FYI…might want to try it 🙂

Good night and God Bless.