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2 Days in One!



I know, I know…I had chocolate yesterday! I was surprised of myself too. But I was literally at my desk falling asleep. I was having such a hard time keeping myself awake it was crazy. So, I decided to get me a little chocolate…it was good too 🙂 I did not really eat a whole lot of anything else so I did not feel guilty. I made a huge veggie salad for my lunch and unfortunately I had to miss breakfast because I was just running so late from going to the gym. Then i just had some plain old Ramen noodles for dinner. Still no soda! Not allot happened though. the day itself was pretty uneventful.

We got a new girl at my job and I am just beside myself about her. She is so rude, and obnoxious. She has such a nasty mouth and makes me so uncomfortable. I am so glad that I do not work close to her, I might need to request a transfer. She thinks I told about her cussing when in fact I was not the only person that heard her. So, when I walked past her she actually called me a B&%$@ while I was within ear shot. I almost forgot who I was, but I regrouped and just let it go. I just kept walking. But I did tell HR. There is no reason for her to be like that. There is a time and place for ugly, and work is not one of them. I love that job and if letting her run mouth is the best thing for me to do, then so be it. People like that will eventually bury themselves. I do not even need to do anything at all. I think I will enjoy the show though. It might become an exciting movie to watch actually! I will keep you updated…

Luis is starting to get the flu I think. He came home last night from work pretty rough, fever and all. I got him some meds and he woke up a little better, but then went back to bed and broke fever again. His silly butt woke up and showered and went to work. Saying he is not around anyone at work so he won’t be getting anyone else sick! I just want to rattle him sometimes he is so hard-headed. He is the grumpiest thing when he is sick too, so of course I am walking on pins and needles in the house. I am praying for him to get better, that can not come quick enough. I am making him salads and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables with vitamins. He has no choice but to get better! I have already claimed it for him.

I had the day off today and I was really worried I was going to sit here and munch and eat all day. But I didn’t, I actually did real well. One sec while I go make a cup of green tea…

1.9.2014 tea

Now that is better…I have become pretty close to expecting a hot cup of green tea, fresh squeezed lemon and honey stick…right before bed now. It seems like it is some sort of routine, just mine. Isaac is asleep, Luis is at work, my work is done and now I can focus on me. I had a day off today since Isaac had an appointment today so I actually got allot done. I went to the gym this morning, came home and got Isaac to go to the doctor, took him back to school, and come home to start cleaning. I cleaned the kitchen and washed the laundry including the sheets and blankets. I got a lot of web work done that needed to be caught up. I have actually been busy and deserve this green tea 🙂


Now to my food for today. I think I did pretty well. I even went to the gym today on my day off of work. So that in itself was an accomplishment. But I did have fast food today. With all the running around today I grabbed me a turkey sandwich from Arby’s and some fries. I still did not have soda. I got a sweet tea, but I gave it to Luis because he loves sweet tea 🙂 I decided to have oatmeal for lunch, I was cold from the inside out. I figured oatmeal that would warm me up. It worked to! I snuck one of Luis’ Klondike bars in there somewhere 🙂 And then for dinner I got a little creative. I made a small bag of Rice-a-Roni garlic and herb noodles and then I had 2 chicken quarters from a leftover dinner the other night. I took the meat off and added it to the noodles. Then I took a roll of croissant dough and put some on the bottom of the pan, poured the mixture in it, and then put another layer on top. Baked it and ended up with a sloppy version of a chicken pot pie. The good thing is, it tasted great! and Isaac cleaned his plate, which has not happened in a long time. He usually finds something wrong and pitches it. So, to see an empty plate made me feel good about what I had done. Like I had done something good for a change.

I guess I need to get in the bed, I do go back to work tomorrow. I am praying for good news tomorrow as Luis puts his truck in the shop for repairs. I am hoping it is within budget and will be fixed good as new. We have been using one car and need to have two for this family. We are too busy to be down to one car 🙂

Until next time…


Not Sure…


where this blog is going to go, but I need a sounding board right now and I find myself tapping at the keys of this laptop like it will really make a difference how hard I hit them. My stress level is at its breaking point and I need to vent. There is nothing wrong with that, God says He wants my stress and insecurities, so He can have them! Because all I have found myself doing all evening is praying and crying. And quite frankly I am done with it. I can say I am done with it, but in actuality I am not done with anything. I am in the middle of this never-ending circle of drama with this stupid diabetes! I could blame God for giving it to me. Seriously?! Not in this day and age I won’t.    I know He will never give me more than I can handle, but really I don’t want anymore.

When I heard that diabetes is a physical disease for me but a mental disease for everyone involved with me, I never understood it until recently. Because I have the medical aspects and the feelings that go along with it, but my friends can only ‘try to see’ what it is doing they can not feel it. So when I say I do not feel well, in their mind I just do not feel well. But in my mind my stomach is churning, I am sweating, I am flushed, feeling like I want to vomit, and so weak I want to just lay down and sleep. But I am afraid to sleep because if it is to high, it might just be the last time. I can not explain to anyone how it feels. I can actually feel my heart pounding so hard in my chest it scares me sometimes.

So when I saw my sugar starting to skyrocket I got scared. And now I am sitting here wondering what the heck I am supposed to do now. I found out that my sugar is so high because I am taking Tylenol or Advil for the pain I am having from working at Petco. I love working there and love training the animals, but going up and down the ladders and bending and reaching into the tanks, it is killing me. I have to take pain medicine every night to sleep through the pain. Well, the medicine is making my sugar spike. And since it has been so high for so long, they want to retest my pancreas to verify whether or not it is shutting down again. If I have to go through this treatment for my pancreas again, I just do not know what I will do. It is pitiful!

I guess I just do not have anything else to really say, I just had to get this off my chest. I am not good at holding things in, so much better at writing them out.

Good night, I am going to go read. I am reading The Christian Atheist and I am hooked to it! Such a good book. I recommend it.