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Do I need a Title Every Time ??


1.10.2014 I tried so hard to find an iota of time to post yesterday and I just could not find one. I have been so busy with work and then I have picked up a few freelance jobs on the side…so, needless to say I have no time for myself left over at the end of the days. But I have still been sticking to my ‘photo what I eat’ project. Although yesterday I feel like I ate breakfast ALL day. And I did. I had breakfast 3 times yesterday, mainly oatmeal…but still.

Isaac’s counselor came over yesterday and met with him and I for a little. He said he wants me to continue doing what I have been doing. Being clear and concise with Isaac and basically giving him no room to argue. I have been doing so great with that, I have impressed myself. So I will continue that.


As far as my food today I disappointed myself real bad. Luis took me to Golden Coral and I ate like I was eating my last meal! I was so full by the time I left I was miserable. And the bad thing was that was all I ate all day. I did not make anything dinner, nothing. We came home and watched movies all afternoon. Then just now I decided to have a bowl of ice cream before I hit the bed. I was happy that I visited a Zumba class today though with some friends from work. That was fun and I am going back on Thursday night with Luis’ aunt. I really hope she likes it. I know I did.

We took Isaac and a few of his friends to the skating rink tonight so that they could have some fun and be away from parents for a while. I figured once in a while is okay, and he is getting older so he needs that responsibility. He enjoyed it and they are talking about wanting to go again, so I told Isaac it all depends on behavior. Good way to end that conversation. Good behavior reaps good privileges.

Well, need to go to bed…I am wanting to go to the morning service at church tomorrow, so I better get some sleep 🙂


At work, now what?


So, I am came in to work yesterday with a different perception of what to expect. I did not expect these people in my office to talk to me, because they have not spoken to me since before Christmas vacation. So, I knew nothing would change over a weekend. But, regardless I went into work with the perception of; I really do not care if they talk to me or not. And I used to just say this, but I really mean it.

They are doing the stupidest things, like eating corn nuts in the office, when they know I hate the smell of them. Or having a conversation and purposely leaving me out of it.

So, when I come in the office I say ‘Good Morning’ to everyone. When I leave I say ‘Have a good night’ to everyone. Not individually, but as a group. But they need to see they are not killing my spirit by what they are doing. They are actually showing themselves to be very childish.

I have begun to pray every single morning in my car on the way to work. Thanking Him for this job that allows me to take care of my family. Thanking Him for the patience to go into this office for the next 8.5 hours and not be spoken to at all. And asking Him to play some amazing music, because my headphones will be on all day listening. It has begun to work. Now when I walk into the office I am not stress or tense at all, I look forward to listening to my music and working all day. I actually enjoy it 🙂

Well, just an update on my job. I was bored and figured I would write something out. I may write more when I get home, who knows.

God Bless! Kristina