Suggestions Anyone?



This will not be a hugely long post because I have a feeling I am catching a bit of a cold. I am praying it is nothing, but anymore you can never be too cautious. I found out today my boss actually has strep and the flu at the same time! So many of my co-workers are sick I feel like I need to be making hazard pay working in the office with them. Actually while I am typing this I am nursing a cup of hot green tea with honey and lemon. I took a bit of a cold pill earlier and an extra Vitamin C pill already. I am trying my best! My best better be good enough. There have been 2 cases of death in Garland due to the flu. It is scary. But, I refuse to live in fear over it. Life goes on.

As far as my food today, it was real boring. I had virtually the same thing for breakfast that I had for dinner, plus 2 pieces of toast I added a dinner time. But it was a piece of turkey ham diced up and fried with scrambled eggs. Lunch was a PB&J, cheese popcorn, and 4 cookies from Girl Scouts. But when I got home I made a chicken pot pie in the microwave. But, drum roll please…STILL NO SODA! Seven days clean. No soda at all.

So after going to church on Sunday, I left with questions. I have to admit the service really got me thinking. It just solidifies all the more as to why I switched churches. My church is going to be doing allot for the orphans and foster children. Anyone who knows me knows I was in foster care and I have a heart to help fosters. My experience was awful, Hell if you please, and anything I can do to stop that from happening to another human being, I will do. I will now have the opportunity to sit down and listen to how I can help! This is major, because I have always had door closed when I asked to help. This may be a huge chance for me to give back in an arena I am familiar with. We shall see. Also, my pastor spoke of public fasting as a church. I have always had questions about fasting, it has first of all always been such a personal time for me and God. I never want to share that. So I have reached out to some of the ladies in the church for some clarification on this. Maybe I am reading to deeply into it. I just want to go on record and say, I love my new church and church family.

So, while I sit here and this medicine begins to kick my rear end, I have to say Good Night. I am about to pass out at this laptop…Until next time…

My hope is that so many people will start to read my blog that they will start to suggest food for me to try. I love experimenting with new recipes and such. Just remember; no beef or pork and I am diabetic, so not super sweet. But, I can pretty much take any recipe and make it a healthier for me version 🙂



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