Calming Down…About Time


I have had a pretty good day today, so far. I feel as though I need to start by sharing my food from yesterday, since I forgot to post it…oops, sorry.


So, here is what I ate on Jan 5, 2014. Main issue here was that I never saw the inside of a gym! All because of my crazy flipped upside down life, I missed out on the gym. One of the rare places that I love going because it is just me…and sweat! But as far as food goes, I was okay I suppose. For breakfast just some regular multi-grain waffles with PB…I had 2 🙂 For lunch Luis had found a new recipe he wanted me to try. It was cream cheese, mayo, crab, S&P, and I put garlic in it. Blend it smooth and put it in a pastry puff and bake it. It looked so much better than it tasted. Neither one of use really enjoyed it much. But we ate that with a big salad for lunch, simply because we were hungry 🙂 I made a pineapple upside cake and had a slice of it for a late snack. Somewhere I snuck in a PB bread slice lol…Then dinner was just some slices of turkey and cheese, no bread or condiments.

By dinner time last night I was so fed up with my dysfunctional family I only wanted to sleep, so I made the guys a dinner and I went to bed. There has been full-blown war between Isaac and I for days, and last night was no different. He will learn his lesson soon…Now that he has no laptop and his cellphone has been taken down to Wi-Fi only. No calls or texts allowed in or out. No need to fight with me, when I pay the bill I expect you to answer it. Bottom line 🙂 Hard lessons learned in this house this New Year!

That sums it up for yesterday…now today…

It was 17 degrees when I went to the gym this morning at 5am! I thought that was cold until I saw on the news that there were states in minus degrees~and that the governor of one state, closed it. Yep, closed the state. Schools, offices, and all. I thought it was a joke, until it was announced on the NBC news! But, I was proud of myself, I still went to the gym. I still made the time for me to get there and workout. I am glad I did too because at the weigh in at my job [we are doing Biggest Loser] I lost 2 more pounds! I am so far from where I want to be, but I am getting there.

Luis is working 2 jobs right now, so he is gone literally from the time I go to work until I am fast asleep. He works crazy hours during tax season because he is a tax professional for H&R Block. He does this along with his regular job. He works so stinking hard. I can never say that my man is lazy! It is refreshing from some the lazy asses I am used to seeing out there in this world 🙂 Sorry to be so harsh, but I hate laziness! Once in a while relaxing and watching a movie is one thing, but not working for no good reason is a totally different one.

1.6.2014So, for what I ate today I was really proud of myself. Especially since today is my No Meat Monday for my New Year resolution. And I really stuck to it. I had no meat at all today. Breakfast was simple, I made Luis and I breakfast sandwiches out of eggs, waffles, and some cream cheese. He said it was excellent! That was refreshing to hear 🙂 Then I took a sack lunch to work, 2 PB&J’s, banana, Cheetos, and an applesauce. But I did not eat the applesauce, I gave it away to a friend of mine. Then for dinner I made this spinach and goat cheese pizza. Do not knock it until you try it, because I was surprised I really liked it! I did not do snacking today because I took my lunch and ate parts of it over the course of a few hours. So I did not have any cravings to snack. Best thing, STILL NO SODA! And we are 6 days into this New Year.

Well, today things are settling down a bit in this house. I have been basically ignoring and avoiding Isaac at all situations the past few days. He is refusing to take his medicine, cusses at me, calls me names, screams, slams doors…because why? He does not get his way. He throws huge tantrums like a toddler if he is told no or even asked to do anything at all. So, after talking with his counselor and weighing our options, we opted to ignore. I am not doing anything for him and have not for several days. This includes; cleaning, laundry, cooking, and even speaking to him. When I speak to him,m it is recorded. After 3 days of this I guess he is getting the point that I am not going to reward evil with evil. I walked in today and started cleaning house and he comes in with a bag of cheese puffs as a peace-offering. Assuming of course that my fat ass would be so happy to get food from him. I simply told him that was a nice thing he did and left it at that. I did not take them from him. He is learning the extremely hard way, that the world does not revolve around him. Maybe it will take hold in his brain, maybe not. All I know is that it is much calmer in this house without me arguing back with him. He started to yell the other day and I just told him, Love ya, and walked away. Who is he going to fight with? Not himself, so he slammed the door and went outside. When he came back he was not so much of a jerk. Hoping over the next few days or weeks he will level out. For his sake at least. I hope maybe he is about done with this bout of tantrums since he actually told me ‘Love ya and Good night’ tonight. I told him I loved him and good night as well. That was it. I am not sparking up a conversation with him. Sorry, bub, this time you are on your own.

Now, I am getting a little tired. I think I will go lay down and watch some more episodes of this Til Death that Luis has me watching on Netflix 🙂 Very cute show so far. And plus, I will doze up to sleep with no problems…So, until next time!



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