Fat People Judge Too…


I made a very good assessment today, fat people judge just as much as fat people think that skinny people judge. I can say that, because well, I am fat. I have been a member of the gym Planet Fitness now for a while, and I love going. But I have seen a lot of different people come and go in my well over a year stint in the gym. Today it just hit me, there is allot of new people here. Then I put two and two together and I realized it was because it is still the New Year and these are the ones that made the resolution to get healthy in 2014! I hate to be like that, but I am without a doubt certain they will start dropping like flies when the hype dies down. There are several different people who are at my gym, many of which I watched, and judged today. I am not proud of my behavior, but I am adult enough to admit it.

The Farter: This is the worst person in the gym! I have on occasion been this person, but I will never admit it. This is the person that works out so hard, sometimes a little gas just pops out! You can not help it and by the time it happens it is too late. They look around to see if anyone heard anything and then act as though everything is okay, while the stench fades away.

The Looker: I can not stand these girls, and yes they are always girls. These are the ones that come in cute little clothes, with hair done and makeup on. Yes, I said it, Make Up! These are the ones that take up space on the treadmill, just to look around and watch other people be serious and actually work hard to burn a few calories. They walk slower than molasses in winter because they do not want to bust a sweat. They really could stay home, but they choose to come to the gym and take up space serious people could really use.

The Show Off: Thankfully with working out at Planet Fitness there are not to many of these. They are normally men who come in a group with their friends and want to show off with who can bench press the most, or who can do the most squats. Something crazy like that. I am thankful for the Lunk Alarm at the gym, so this does not happen too much.

The last one that I believe needs to be recognized is:

The Newbie: I have been this girl, anyone at a gym has been this person. You buy all new workout gear, bag, shoes, headbands, wristbands, and towels. You come to the gym with the mentality of losing at least 20 pounds that same day! When it does not happen, you get a little discouraged and then a little more. The shoes start to hurt your feet. You lose one wrist band so you do not wear the rest of the set. Discouragement sets in. And finally, you do not want to go anymore.

The newbie is the one I make sure I smile at, nod my head at, or in some occasions even strike up a conversation with. Because it is hard. When discouragement sets in, it is hard to come back. There is always something more important or more fun to do. But to choose to workout over one of those things, is a huge thing. Sometimes it is a thing that people need help with. I hate to see all the newbies at the beginning of the year taper off. I want them all to continue. Reach their goals and continue to be healthy. But I know in reality that will not happen. My wish for everyone is that it would happen. That they would find their courage and get up daily and go. Move their bodies.


Today was a good day. Luis took me to breakfast at Golden Coral, that seems to be a good pre-grocery shopping place. I refuse to go grocery shopping hungry. I ate allot, but I knew I was only really going to eat 2 meals today, so I was okay with it. Then I had a sugar cookie in the afternoon. For dinner we made tortilla pizzas. Mine had diced onion, sweet peppers, sauce, and cheese on it. The men of the house had meat! I ended the night with making homemade cookies for them. They were very nutritious and Isaac liked them, Luis not so much. But, they were good to me 🙂 All they were was oats, apple sauce, raisins, vanilla, skim milk, cinnamon and bananas. Plop them on a pan and bake them like cookies. My cousin gave me the idea, and we all know I love to play with recipes and experiment with food. 

Isaac was sent to bed tonight for just having his wonderful Isaac Attitude. He threw the remote at Luis and so I told him it was bedtime. He of course did not listen, so I turned off the TV and put my foot down. I am not arguing with him anymore. He either listens or there are serious consequences. He went to bed, after calling me names, and fussing about it. But you know what, I still did not raise my voice. I still did not cuss, and I still explained to him why I was sending him to bed. I am gaining control over this house and he hates the new mom of 2014. Yeah, because the one in 2013 was scared of her son. Not anymore. Now, he either listens or there will be consequences. Ones he will not like at all. He still has no computer. And has asked for it several times, answer is still no. He will realize you are not allowed to speak to your mom any kind of way. Maybe he won’t realize it now, but he will. I have more than enough faith in him that he will.

Well, have church in the morning…so until next time.



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