Jan 3, No Fancy Title Needed…


Today has been one of those days…ughh, so glad it is coming to a close. Well, for starters the house is down to one car for a week. Luis needs some work done on the truck and it is parked until we can get it into the garage to get repaired. That is just a stressful situation in itself. The not knowing of it all.

But, to add more to my plate. When I walked into the office this morning it seemed like every time I turned around someone else went home sick, or just did not come in at all. I ended up doing someone else’s job today and did not even touch my own responsibilities. Which just made a difficult day, a bit more unbearable. I tried to stay positive at least because everyone was stressed. It is hard picking up slack, from others. But, we did it. We all prevailed and made it through, like a team should! I just have allot more work now that I need to do over the weekend to get caught up to where I am supposed to be.

Things are not better between Isaac and I. He is not listening to me and being so rude and just plain unkind. I took away the laptop and have no intentions of giving it back to him. But ever since I did that, he has acted like a total jerk to me. I finally called his counselor today and asked him to please call him and speak with him. He said he would, so we shall see. At least he is not breaking things, or pushing me around right now. So, for that I am breathing a sigh of relief. All I did today was come home from work, clean my office, and stay in it. I have not even been out in the main house with him today. I figure the less we around each other, the less opportunity he has to fight with me. I am at a loss when he cycles like this. One stupid thing can set him over the edge. I do not want that happening again right now.


As far as food and exercise, there was not much. I missed the gym this morning and I ended up eating my breakfast from the QuikTrip because I wanted coffee. Luis came to my job and took my from the wrath of hell so I could go eat LJS with him. Then I calmed my tummy with green tea and had Ramen for dinner. Very bad day for a diabetic, but tomorrow is a better one. I do plan on going to the gym tomorrow!

I am excited about going to see the new baby of the family tomorrow. Luis’ sister had a baby girl, and I get to meet her tomorrow. I am excited, I have not been around so many babies in ages. His family has lots of babies in it. Just more that need little cuddles. I love them. It is when they start talking that it all goes down hill…

I rearranged my office today. I needed my peaceful area back. And I got it. I can concentrate, listen to music, light my candles, use my yoga ball…whatever I want to do. It is my area after all. At least for now. Until Isaac decides I do not need it or deserve it and comes in and mucks it up. I am not being mean when I say that, I am being realistic. It is not a question of whether it will happen, but when it will happen. I know him that well.

Until next time, quite simply because I am tired…


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