2014 can just Keep Going at this Speed!


1.2.2014Another fantastic day is coming to a close for 2014! I am enjoying them while they are here…First of all, I woke up in time to go to the gym this morning before work. An early 530am peddling the ol’ bicycle is not for everyone but I love it. When I got home Luis and Isaac were still sleeping and the house was still. I showered, made me breakfast of ground turkey sausage, diced onion, diced peppers and scrambled eggs. I put it in a bowl and headed to work at 730am.

Got to the office and I immediately got started on a long going project, but it is very quickly coming to a close as I am wrapping it up too. I called Luis and found out that Isaac was mad at me so I was getting the silent treatment. God is blessing me with a teen boy who does not want to talk to me! Amen! haha, ok that was a little meanie buttish I understand. But I do not cave to his tantrums at this point. Not anymore 🙂 So, came home and swapped cars with Luis and got our lunch together so we could all eat. I ended up making turkey sausage links, cheese and broccoli noodles, and carrots. Back to work. Check the ol’ email and find out that the award that I have been pushing for our company; we won it! I am so excited! So excited for my company, I am so glad to be in a job that finally respects my work and lets me do what I am good at!


By the time I got home tonight Isaac was well into his silent treatment so it has panned out to be an excellent night. I got a lot of work done online and picked up a new writing gig on oDesk for some good money. My writing is actually taking off really well, so that pleases me even more. I made me some basic roasted veggies for dinner, I did not want anymore meat after lunch! Just some sweet potato, onion, and carrot mixture. I dust them with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and EVOO; then bake them for 20-30 min at 350 degrees. They are super good. I am becoming delightfully addicted to sweet potatoes!

Wrapping up my day with a cup of hot green tea with honey and my laptop…neither of which have seemed to have let me down lately 🙂 I am just continuously praying for good days. I am doing great with not arguing, and sticking to eating sensibly, watching my sugar, and staying focused on work. I have realized it is a daily struggle and one I need to equip myself for each and every day. On that note, I am going to go curl up in bed and wait for my sweetheart to get home from work. Another great day to come tomorrow. I cannot wait, I just cannot wait!

Until next time…


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