Today I Celebrate…Me.


Today is my birthday. It should be a day for me to celebrate and rejoice. And it has been! I have not updating in a while, so I will be skipping a little here and there. I am dating a great man now, named Luis. And while I sit here I think back to previous birthdays and realize that indeed this is the first birthday  since I have been in Texas that I have had a man to celebrate it with. Ten long years. I have been on dates here and there, but never actually had a man that I could spend time with and share things with. Now this year I do, and I am so blessed from it.

I woke up in his arms this morning and just was so thankful, so peaceful. We sat there and talked, laughed, and joked this morning. I made all of us breakfast and we just relaxed. Isaac got ready for school and then I just stayed in his arms, not wanting to leave. I feel so secure. But I know in my heart that I have to be responsible and go to work, even though my birthday should be a national holiday…in my opinion!

I reluctantly went to work and was greeted with a birthday card and a gift from a good friend of mine. I was convinced everyone was going t forget. But every time I turned around someone wished me a blessed day. They even celebrated the birthdays for the month today, on my day. So I selfishly thought they were only singing to me even though it was also for 4 other people! HeHe…My boss lady even got me a gift from Bath and Body…some great scents of lotions and body washes.

At lunch time, Luis shows up to take me to lunch at an awesome Chinese place. We both love to eat Chinese! It was a really cool place to. I had never been there, but I was glad we went, if was excellent. And I will not even see him again until tomorrow technically because of the hours he works at his job.

After work; I got home and then it was time to go get my nails done. My day just keeps getting better and better. Not only did I need them done really bad, but they were not busy at all and I was able to get the girl I usually have to wait for. She is super good and knows what she is doing.

All in all it has been an excellent day…Even Isaac has been great to me. God, thank you for all You have blessed over me. I feel overwhelmed and so very loved.


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