Happy “Mother’s” Day ??


Well it is May 12th again…When card and flower sales sky-rocket so every person on the face of the Earth can buy a gift for the one woman who gave them life. Or for the ones who raised them, when the actual birth was not theirs to enjoy. Either way you look at it, this is a pretty two-sided day for most. Far to many of my friends no longer have their mother by their side to love and hug, or to tell them how much they mean to them. For them my heart hurts today. Others no longer speak to their mother due to some stupid, petty argument from years ago that neither side can remember. For them I feel pity today. And for the women that were pressured into an abortion by a non accepting society rule to where their option of being a mother was ripped from their grasp. From them I feel so much sorrow.

But one feeling I do not have today is love for my own biological mother. Wait, now before everyone gasps in disbelief. You are about to learn a little about Kristina that you never did. I keep so much of my history a secret, mainly because of shame. But since I have found the love of God, I have no shame anymore, only a past like everyone else. I do not try to call my mother, send her flowers, gifts, or even a card because she gave up on me. Literally. She signed me away to the foster care system where I was basically tortured until I turned 18 years old and ‘aged out’ of the system. I was treated worse than the animals you see abused and cast over the television screen trying to raise money for the ASPCA. She never cared. When motherhood was ripped away from me not once, twice, but three times while in foster care she never came to my side. I only heard from her about two years ago when I found her on FaceBook of all places. I sent her a message apologizing for whatever it was that I did for her to throw me away. Telling her I forgive her and I still love her. The message I got back was astounding! She tells me that since she gave me up my brother has since died, and she still wants no contact with me. The next day I went to look for her FaceBook page and she had blocked me. Again. So, you see, even as a child she turned her back on me. So, I had all the reason in the world to allow God to find me a replacement.

And He did. He introduced me into a family of Love, Caring, Understanding, and Fellowship like I had never in my life known. He brought me into church by the hand of a 10 year  old boy, Isaac. I met many people there, but only one I was so lucky to have fallen in love with as a child would a mother. I love her children as my siblings, and her grandchildren as my nieces and nephews. It may sound silly, but I would do anything for this family, that opened their arms to me and accepted me and my son with all of our flaws. They love us unconditionally and that is what family is all about. She helps snap me back into reality when I begin to drift, she helps me pray when I just do not have the strength, she makes time to listen to me even when all I want to do is rant. That is what a mom does.

I thank God daily for Tish Hughes and her loving family. And to her I say Happy Mother’s Day!


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