Just Updating on a Saturday Evening


I am relaxing right now in my office, my office. I moved Isaac and his video game out of the office in the house. I allowed him to have his game in his bedroom but I take the controller at bedtime. I do that to ensure he goes to bed and does not wake up for any midnight gaming. But, on the brighter side I sure do enjoy it. And the fact that it is quiet enough in here now I can get some work done online. I still have not finished the assignments I have, but I did get caught up some.

Just thinking about how my son is going to be 14 years old in about two weeks. I can not believe it has been 14 years already. Not all of them have been smooth, but I would not change a single day of it. I love that kid unconditionally and regardless of how many birthdays he has, he will always be my little boy in coveralls. I loved the way he looked in coveralls 🙂

I am loving my job lately. I love being busy. When I interviewed with this company I was interviewed for a position that I thought would be a transition position until I could find something else. But I am really glad that my boss came to me one day early on in my training and moved my position. Now, I like where I am. Now, I can see a future where I am. Now, I am content where I am. I am finally happy and can breathe a sigh of relief. Bills are getting caught up and stress is coming off of me. That is huge for me and my recovery from what the diabetes has done to my body.

Ahh, my diabetes. My struggle with diabetes is killing me. Literally. My pancreas is working at about 20% of itself. Sometimes my sugar is over 400. But most of the time it is in the high 300’s. I diet, eat right, drink water, and exercise and still it is high. I have no insurance right now so everything is out-of-pocket. Because of this I do not go to the doctor as much as I am supposed to.  But when I do go, I get good advise. I am trying my best and for right now it is only about getting the weight off. The more that comes off, the better chance I have of at least controlling it. They are threatening to admit me for a pump and I am not having that! Because of that, I am back on my diet. I am using MFP religiously and eating Smart Ones for my lunch and dinner. Thanks to my mom for giving me the kick in the rear I needed to get back on it. I have lost 9 pounds in a week, so that is something.

And lastly, Carlos. I still am enjoying all the time I spend with him. I am being cautious of my heart and we have both agreed we will take it slow. We have even talked about church lately and I hope that he can get a day off of work on Sunday, so he can see what it is like to stand in the House of The Lord. Because every single time I am there, I am just so at peace. Maybe we could rethink some of our decisions, but we are both happy. And I think I deserve to be happy for a change.

Well, time to go to bed. God Bless and Good Night.


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