Change is Good, Sometimes.


Good morning. I figured I would post before I began my day, because it seems like it is going to be pretty busy.

Update on my ‘friend’. I am so careful not to call him a boyfriend or anything, because for two reasons. I am not in junior high anymore and I refuse to give my heart away to anyone less than the man God has perfected for me. I am still worried about the fact that he is not a Christian. Even though it took me 32 years to come to my senses. I know he can too, if he wants to. And that is one thing I need to make certain of before I begin to allow myself to have feelings. I do like him, and I have introduced him to Isaac – as my friend – and they get along great. But I want a man who will lead our family in the right direction. So, we shall see where that leads me.

Whenever I say ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ I am referring to Tish or Stephen Hughes. They are the only mom or dad I claim. So, today I started a new diet with my mom. She is doing Weight Watchers and while I am not financially secure enough to weight watchers, I am following her along on my own tracking system. I use My Fitness Pal, but have gotten off of it recently because of all my medical garbage with my diabetes I have been dealing with. But I started back this morning, and together we are going to lose the pounds. I was surprised when I weighed myself this morning, I gained back so much of the original weight I lost just a few months ago. I am pretty ticked off at myself about that, but I will drop it again and then some.

And an update in Isaac. He had a pretty rough week so far. He got some news from the school that set him off into a tailspin. I ended up having to leave work early to come be with him. I had to have the nurse call in emergency Valium for him to calm him and I had respite come in and sit with him finally because he got so angry. I used to be able to physically control his outbursts  but he is so big now I just can not do it by myself. After a few hours, he was okay and in his trance and went to sleep. When he woke up in the morning he did not remember a single thing, only that he was tired. I am so scared when he triggers. I pray that  they find a cure for this illness, and I know God will watch over him in the mean time. I was afraid it was going to throw him into a cycle, but it does not seem to have. I am so glad for that, I am not ready for that again.

Well, I need to go for now. I am going to get my toes done 🙂 I am supposed to get a pedicure monthly because of my diabetes. My mom got me a gift certificate for Christmas to go to the place she goes and we are going together this morning. I really am glad, I need it done.

Have a Great Day and God Bless


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