A Crush?


Is a 36 year old woman supposed to have a crush, a crush that makes her feel like she is a high school student all over again? I am not sure if I am supposed to, but I do. OK, in all honesty, I have been chatting with a guy for a few days and he is really nice. So far. He has a job, stable, and has huge plans for his life. All of which I am not used to in a guy at all. I usually attract the dead beats. But he seems different. He has been honest with me and not side stepping around my insane amount of interrogations I have put him under so far, so that is a good thing at least. The issue I have is that he is not a Christian, he does not go to church. But, he said he wants to go. That to me is at least progress. At least he is not against God, because I think that would be a bit impossible to see past.

Knowing I had church this morning and that he had to work and I did not want to miss my personal time with God this morning we stayed up texting until midnight last night. We knew we would both be tired, but it did not seem to bother either of us. We enjoyed asking questions of each other back and forth getting to know each other better. I guess I just wonder if this is the calm before the storm? Things do not go this good, not for me. I am the girl who waits for the bad to happen, because I know it will. But, when we talked about that, he just tells me not to worry. As I am typing this up now, he is texting me from work. He is a server at a pretty snazzy seafood joint here in Dallas. He does not drink and does no drugs. He actually wants to go to school to become a counselor to help former addicts pick up their lives and get back on track. I like that he is intelligent and he can hold a conversation.

I will not tell Isaac about him yet, because it is entirely to soon and he does not need to know anything right now anyway. But he does not mind about me having kids at all and he says he is proud of me being a single parent for almost 14 years now. That is not usually the remarks I get about being a single mother. I have had conversations with plenty of men about dating, futures, and so on…but for some reason it is different when we chat. I guess I will see how things go. I am a little nervous though, but I will get over that sooner or later I am sure.

Well, an update on my walking is needed I would think. Bo and I went for a walk today and walked over a mile. We walked several times around the park and then extended it some to go around the neighborhood. He loves walking with  me, always has. He is excited to get back in the groove of things too. I know I feel better and my sugar is taming down; so that makes it all worth it. My doctor was super ticked about how I stopped walking, and how I am not taking my meds right…so I need to get back on track and fast.

Well, I have to go back to work tomorrow, so I am calling it a night.


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