Back to the Beginning…


I did such a good job when I was walking, so I have back to the beginning. I was losing weight like crazy and my crazy was staying down! So, why change something if it is not broken. So, I am back to walking daily. And when I do build up enough stamina I will be back to the C25K challenge. I am determined to do that! I at least walked or jogged everyday this week so far and sometimes more than once. I was up to walking several miles before a day, now it is a struggle to walk one! I have let myself go over the past few months and I need to take control again, and I am.

A good friend of mine told me this might very well be my ‘love year’ and if it is I want to be able to at least enjoy it! So, today I went to the thrift store in the next town over and I began thinking of me. I got a new pair of jeans, that I really think are either brand new or very close to it. I also got me two new shirts, dressy shirts, and 2 necklaces and 2 pairs or earrings. I am so excited, because as a single mom I do not buy for me, it is always for Isaac. Of course he got some stuff to, but the trip was about me. It was about me and me feeling good in my clothes and my skin.

I have already come home and taken the dogs on one walk for today and I plan on taking them on another. As long as my pancreas continues to work for me I am willing to try to be healthier so it can get stronger. I am at about 40%; says my doctor. But I believe in a healing God and I know He is on my side. But I know I have to work too, and not just lay there and expect it to happen all by itself.

I have a ton of stuff to do today, not to mention I have alot of work online. So I will say bye for now…


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