Sore, Sore, Sore…


So, since I was not able to finish my challenge yesterday I just knew I would be able to do it today. No, way! I got 11 minutes into it and was in so much pain in my legs I thought I was not even going to be able to walk home. What the heck! I was walking 4-5 miles a day just a few months ago! I am so disappointed in how I have let myself go over the past few months it is ridiculous! Not only did I not stretch before going out, I have not done any type of exercise in months since my diabetes has gotten seriously out of hand. I need to get my body used to working again, not working out, just working. So, instead of just giving up, I continued to press on and got through 11 whole minutes. I remember when I would take Bo to the park and we would walk for hours at a time, not to long ago. Diabetes is kicking my rear end and it is time for me to start kicking back. I will try again tomorrow, but stretch first and even if I just do 12 or 13 minutes…it is more than today. And every day I will improve, even if just a little.

When I was reading my devotional this morning I was stuck on a verse for a minute. It is in 2 Thes 2:8 and reads ‘And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming’. If you compare ‘And then the lawless one will be revealed’ to the KJV it reads ‘And then shall that Wicked be revealed’. I think of that word ‘wicked’ and what it means to God. God saw wickedness in the beginning of Genesis in Chapter 6. He sees wickedness daily. I just pray that I am living a life that makes Him proud. Not sinless by any means, but I want to at least make Him proud. After reading that verse this morning my prayer was to make Him proud today, I hope I did.


A friend of mine had a baby today, Evangeline Marie. Super excited to meet her since she has been on my prayer list for some time now. I saw only pictures on Facebook, but I am sure she will bring her to church. She is adorable in the pictures. And thankfully mom and her are doing fine.

Something that I have been happy to do the past 2 days is eat dinner with Isaac, together. We actually sat next to each other and ate dinner, at the same time. I told him tonight I liked eating dinner with him. He shook his head and said, ‘yeah me too’. To me that is success. It is something different and something, we never really do. Maybe there is something to change there. Making it a habit to eat together is not a problem at all.

My job is going wonderfully, I really enjoy my work. I can see so many untapped resources that they never use, that they could. There is so many uses that Access could benefit, but I do not even want to open that can of works! There is an IT guy that is for, not me. I just can not believe that it has not been made alot more automated. But I am getting there at my own station. Today I started building the Excel sheets for the month, once those are done I will do the Access DB and have at least my position in the company automated. Even  if it only helps me, that is okay with me.

I still work online, and writing will never stop for me I believe. I have orders come in at times so much I have to turn down work. But that is alright. I have never completely lost a client, they usually wait the extra day or two needed fr me to start their projects. I am only working on one right now, which is a relief.

Well, good night and God Bless. I have to get some work done and hit the sack for work in the morning.



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