Day 1 – Not Quite


Just a quick update on my C25K progress. I did not complete Day 1 😦 I can not say that I did not try that is for sure. Because I did try, 3 times! The first time I got 17 minutes into it before I got rained out. Then the 2nd time I tried I did the walking part and just kept walking because I forgot to hit the button to start the timed jogging/walking. Then lastly, this evening, I took Bo with me and only lasted 10 minutes! I have come to the conclusion, there will be no dogs with me tomorrow when I do it after work! Maybe that will make the difference. All I know is I tried and I will keep trying Day 1 until I have mastered it. Then and only then will I move onto Day 2.

Good Luck to Anyone Else trying It…Let me know your progress or dilemmas. We will all have them, so do not be afraid to post them.


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