The Devil in Pew Number Seven…Ch 1-3


I am a little disappointed in myself since I am only just completed with the third chapter. But, regardless…this has been 3 very deep and heart wrenching chapters. I have never read a book where I stop mid paragraph and pray for the individuals in it before. And I truly think the only reason I am feeling compelled to do it now is because she kept pushing for me to understand it is a true story.

The first chapter starts with a small girl explaining how her daddy was telling her to run and get help, while he is bleeding in the kitchen. There is a man in her house with 2 other people hostage in her bedroom! Could you imagine and put yourself in her place. In the 60’s being told to escape the comfort of your home and run for freedom, run for help. Would you be able to do it silently as to not tip-off the intruder that you were leaving? She did…but I never know if she gets help or not because in the next chapter she starts telling me how her parents met and got married.

I want to know if she made it, but I am sure Rebecca Nichols will tell me. She told of a story of a man named Willie Sellers who gunned down a man who stole a quart of oil worth a quarter and the passenger in his car because they would not pay for the oil. Then in court; he was found NOT guilty! That was justice back then. Apparently Rebecca explains how her mother and father met and were called to begin ministering in Sellerstown, where this Willie character lives…They have been offered a parsonage to live in, which is great because her mother is pregnant with her right now. This is actually the 2nd of her pregnancies, the first ending in a tragic miscarriage from a fall.

Settling in to their new home on Thanksgiving day 1969, Robert and Ramona Nichols begin their new lives, their new journey.

I have really liked this book so far, and that is saying a lot because the only book that has kept my attention lately is the Bible. And while I love reading what God has in store  for me, it is nice to branch out a bit…There were 2 quotes of the book so far that I love.

‘God was still good, even when life sometimes didn’t make sense’

‘The more you love someone, the more you have to lose when that someone decides you’re no one’

Have you ever felt like that, or have you ever thought just that so that you would not have to hurt, in case things did not work out? I have entirely to many times. But, through the Grace of God I am in fact healing every single day.

Love you all, Have a Blessed Day!


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