That Time of Year Again…


Church Camp. Yep, Isaac is at summer camp in Pine Cove. So, I sit here bored. Catching up on….nothing. Because everything is already caught up! The good news is that I am working again, so at least I have something to absorb my time.  Now I can get caught back up on my bills and get things paid off. The stress of unemployment is behind me and I am thankful to God every single day because of it.

I am still going to the gym, thankfully. Because I am not losing weight real fast; but I am losing! And my doctor is totally happy with the progress that is for certain. My sugar is becoming more and more manageable because I hit the gym more and make sure I get Bo out walking too. Even though we do not walk as much now because we are in the deeps of the summer heat in Texas and it is not good to be in it to long. But, 20 minutes here and there is good for us both.

On to my job though, I really like it. And with Isaac getting older and not needing me as much anymore it is good to have a place that I can consider a career and not a job. I think this may be it. I do not think some of the women there like me very much, but I am not there to better their family. I am there to better mine. And I have to admit that I am a much calmer mother going back to the office.

I guess I am just bored and that is the only reason I am really even posting this blog. I just do not know what to do with myself. I am used to going places and doing things ‘for’ Isaac. I guess I am not used to doing things ‘for’ me. Makes me wonder what type of old lady basket case I will be when he goes off to college, or on a mission trip! Wow, not ready to think that far ahead yet.

Well then, good night…this is the most boring blog I have ever written!


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