Bo used to be a ‘Murderer’?!


Today has been very productive that is for sure. I went online only to find that the Richardson Animal Shelter was having an adopt-a-thon for their animals today. It actually meant a big day for Bo. They were offering micro-chipping for $15 at the shelter! Usually a $45 process, I jumped on it. We piled into the old PT Cruiser and headed to Richardson.

When we got there it was great. They had booths set up with treats, information, and even hot dogs for the humans 🙂 No I did not have one before anyone asks. I was not able to be in the actual room when Bo got the micro-chip put in because I was more scared than he was. But he did great they said and he was done in minutes. But what surprised me came next…

I saw the man who adopted Bo to us in October of 2011. He remembered Bo and I was surprised that Bo let him pet his head! That was huge for him, because he is not very social with other people besides me and Isaac. Then when we were leaving we met a man who works there that knew Bo before he came to the shelter. He shed light on Bo and his life before the shelter.

Bo used to live in Nevada, Texas. He told me that Bo is chow and rottweiler mixed, I do not see the rottweiler but okay. Where he was a complete and total outside dog, 24/7. That stunned me when I heard that because he only goes out to potty, go for a walk and relax for a while. Other than that he is inside and shows no interest in staying out either. But what got me was when he told me he was a wild hog chaser! He was trained to chase wild hogs and KILL THEM! He also chased down coyote and an occasional deer he said. That blew me away! I could never imagine my sweet little Bo killing anything! Apparently the owner had 2 dogs; Bo and his brother Cash. He lived in a mobile home and the city took the dogs when he lost his home. They actually ‘towed’ it away from what he told me. Now they use that area as a shooting range.

I cannot imagine what Bo saw, or had to endure in the dark outside all night. It breaks my heart. I am sure he is eating better food, feeling better about himself, and sleeping better at night. What amazes me is that he was house trained when he came to my house. Crate trained to. He has never had an accident in the house, not once. And Isaac can tell him to go to bed and he trots right to his crate and lays down.

So today at the shelter I bought him a new collar. I had always kept his old original collar on him that he was adopted with because I thought it might be a type of security for him. But I realized today he is happy to let the past go. He was not interested in socializing with the man who was telling me all the things that he used to do. He did not even want him to pet him. I think he has some pretty bad memories and is happy to let them go. So taking that old collar off and replacing it with a new one was huge for both of us.

He is no longer an adopted dog, he is our Bo. And we love him.


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