Isaac is Skating!


I used to think of Isaac and his hobbies as just, well; hobbies. But I have to admit he is really getting good at skateboarding. I took him to a skating park the other day and he really did some tough things that I could not imagine him doing in the first place. He was in half pipes, doing tricks, and even impressed some of the more experienced skaters there.

I learned quickly to stop being the mother that oohs and aahs at every fall and every scrape that he gets. Because he just gets right back up and keeps going. He is such a trooper and I really think that he enjoys this. He has been skating for years now, but when I really took notice and saw him put forth every bit of effort his body could withstand, I knew he loved it.

I had been an absent parent to my own son mentally and emotionally for so long, I had basically numbed myself to what he enjoyed, because it did not interest me. I do not know what else I missed or blocked out, but for now I am enjoying every moment I have with him.

Love; Kristina


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