Easter Week 2012


This has been an interesting week to say the least. This week there were 12 tornadoes that hit Texas, in the Lancaster area. The destruction is one thing on the news, and a totally different state of shock when you see it in person. On Saturday we had the pleasure of going to the town with others from our church and help in the cleanup efforts. My heart sunk as we saw trucks and cars upside down, houses torn to shreds, children’s toys thrown all over the lawns and streets. I fought back tears, at one point I felt nauseated, I wanted to scream! But, then you look at the people; none of them are depressed, defeated, or given up. They are cleaning up, and trying to salvage what they can to start over. Not one person I spoke to doubted God’s plan in all of this. They were all amazed through all the destruction, not one life was lost! Not one!
















I am still looking for an out of the house job, I am working from home right now but not making much of anything. And I am pretty sure I will be reading by candle light if the light bill does not get paid by the 14th 🙂 But I am trusting that God knows what He is doing. He is not going to allow His children to suffer in darkness. I have alot of leads, but nothing so far. I need an out of the home job, just for my own peace of mind and to have the ability to pay my bills. Rent is due in a few weeks. But, I am not talking about bills now, I am not going to fret myself about it.

I just really wanted to touch base in my blog, to let everyone know I am doing well. Isaac is doing well. He has his cast off now and has gotten a clean bill of health now. Not alot of things have changed here, but that I have begun on my book. That is fantastic! I am excited about it in a sense, but nervous about it as well.

Well, I am going to get some rest. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and Resurrection Day!


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