It has been awhile…


but I felt the need to write something today. There have been alot of important things happening here lately and things I want to share. I do not know if anyone even reads this thing anymore, but who cares. It is my sounding board tonight lol…

I have been doing really good on the weight loss and the exercising. I have to be honest; when I began I was wearing a size 30 in a jeans. Today I was able to buy a 24 and they fit! And I do not mean they fit tight, they fit comfortably. I can sit in them, I can bend in them; and I can breathe. I did not think that would happen for a long time. I stood on the scale today and I am at exactly 30 pounds being lost. I come to find out the scale I was using was off, so I have not lost 32 pounds as I thought before. But today I am officially at 30 and going down I am sure. Because I just bought a scale today, so I did not get to weigh until night-time, I will be weighing tomorrow on an empty stomach and really see. I have joined a gym here, Planet Fitness, and have been working out every day. Isaac has even been going with me which is excellent. Even with his cast on his arm, he works out with one arm!

Speaking of Isaac, we heard from the orthopedic surgeon for his arm and they have decided no surgery! Nothing will be done until they take the cast off mid-March. Then they will re-xray it and go from there. But they seem to have very high hopes. He broke 2 bones in his wrist and has a 7mm tear in the tendon. So for now we still have the cast on there, but soon it will come off and I am sure he can not wait either. He has really been a trooper through this whole thing. Especially with missing out on a birthday party really because it happened the day of his birthday, I will do something special when they take it off though.

Now for something amazing. Remember when our house was broken into in September 2011? Well, I get a call today from the investigator that they found his Wii in a pawn shop in Dallas. Some girl pawned it. He called to ask me if I knew the name, but I did not recognize it. But now we have to go to court and stand in front of a judge and attest to a judge that it is in fact his game. I still have the box so I can confirm that the serial numbers match. I have been praying for justice with this robbery. Peace of mind more like it. That God would bring these people to justice so I can sleep in my home in peace and not in fear. And this happens today. My God is such a providing God. That is why I love Him. He never fails me. Maybe He did not have it done immediately, but he did have it one when He knew I could mentally take it and was not so stressed out and worried about it. He picked the best time to tell me. When I was calmed down with my kiddo and his friend.

So, I guess that is about it. I know shocking right…I am out of things to say lol. But really it is just the fact that it is almost 9:30pm and I have to be up at 4:30am for work. One thing I want to add, I have now fallen in love with drinking Brenner Green Tea, hot with one Truvia packet in it. Just FYI…might want to try it 🙂

Good night and God Bless.



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