Birthdays, Broken Bones, No Work; Oh My!


Alot of you have been following our week so far and I thank you ahead of time for the prayers and well wishes for Isaac. He is now doing better. A little busted and bruised, but otherwise fine. They originally thought he broke a little bone in his wrist. After seeing the specialist today he actually broke 2 bones in his wrist and is now in a cast from his shoulder to his fingers! He could not just get a regular cast either, he got one that glows in the dark! He has been out of school all week and I have been out of work all week from this…so this check should be the pits needless to say.

On a brighter note, he turned 13 today! He made it to be a teenager. Or should I say that I made it to him being a teenager? I was not able to do anything for his birthday just because I do not have the money for it. But I took him to iHop because they give kids a free sundae and pancakes for their birthday. And they brought him a huge sundae! He had a great time. I hope I can do something for him next month maybe, but I will have to see. He knows I am strapped, so thankfully I was blessed with a kid who loves having people for his birthday, and not gifts.

I was able to finish a job online today. A different sort of job. This man just wanted me to write 5 articles of 500 words each about these contact lenses. I turned them in today. So, I am praying he likes them and that it might be continued work. That would be nice that is for sure.

Also I am still working hard at losing weight and I actually was able to wear an outfit Wednesday that I never thought I would fit into. It was these black leggings and grey and black baby doll dress. Everyone said they could tell I was loosing weight so that is awesome to hear, of course it is.

Created by MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods

Well, that is all for now…As I think of more I will update. Thank you for continued prayers.


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