Such a Busy Weekend!


I have to admit this weekend was full of ups and downs and laughing and tears. I am ready for it to be over now…I am ready to rest. Well to recap, here it goes.

Friday our Sunday School class had such a fun group party at church. We played our rendition of A Minute to Win It. It was hilarious and we all had a great time. I was able to spend hours with people who love me, for me. We have such a great Sunday School class it is amazing.

Then, on Saturday the Women’s Ministry had a brunch and we heard the testimony of a dear friend of mine. And I was able to see what God has brought her through. And what He continues to do.

And on Sunday, we had family day at church which is always fun! One of my girls from my STARS class sand a solo and she was so good. Once we left church we went grocery shopping and then came home. We got changed and ready to take Bo for a walk and while on the walk Isaac is on his scooter jumping curbs and doing tricks. Then Isaac flips head first into cement! He catches himself on his hands and leg! Well, we did not think it was bad…until the swelling came.

We went to the ER and found that he fractured his scaphoid bone in his wrist. The bones from the thumb to the wrist basically. The other wrist is ok, just sprained. And his leg is fine, no stitches. He had something in his pocket and it jabbed it in his leg. So hours later he leaves the hospital with a 1/2 cast from his fingers to his elbow. He can not move it until he goes to see a bone specialist to decide if surgery is needed or not. The swelling is so bad the ER doctor would not venture to guess what the decision will be on it.

I am now exhausted! SHeer exhaustion has hit me like a ton of lead filled bricks. I have been so stressed at work I forgot what it was like to laugh and be around loved ones. I forgot what it was like to forget all of my stress and leave it behind. But I could not think of a better place to spend my weekend then in the walls of God’s house with my friends. I realized that when tragedy struck this afternoon and we were in the ER I had noone to talk to or test accept friends from church. What a wonderful moment that was for me when I scrolled through my phone and all I saw were names of people who generally and whole-hearted LOVE us. I have never had it before and it is hard to accept now, but I do. I accept it and I embrace it.

Thank you God, this was one of the best and yet one of the worst weekends all rolled up in one. But one thing I knew was that I was never alone. You were always right there with me.

Good night; Kristina


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