Just Dropping In


I have not updated in a while…So here I am. I have an exciting thing to share actually, I have joined a site called http://www.myfitnesspal.com and so far I love it! Here is my ticker by the way.

Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Weight Loss Tools

This is another way to keep myself responsible. I can track what I eat, what I do for exercise and I can have friends that are doing the same thing join me. So, if you are interested go ahead and join for free then make me a friend; kriggs1976. I will weigh myself tomorrow and then I can see how much more weight I have lost. I have lost quite a bit already but I did not put that on this site, because I just registered yesterday. But so far I love it. Actually Isaac and I have found a new place to take Bo on walks, to the duck pond! He loves it and we walk for a long time. Today we walked for an hour and it was 4741 steps on my pedometer. And that was after I had already taken Bo on a 30 minute walk earlier in the afternoon. He loves going on walks with us.

I am starting to branch out on my writing and will be accepting a job out of oDesk tonight. I am a little leery about it, but God has prepped me for this stage in my life. My writing is going to take me somewhere, and I am certain of this. I am still working on oDesk. I will just be taking on private accounts as well for the extra money.

I do not have a whole lot to update, I just thought I would pop in. Oh, I did get my medicine finally. It was over $250 for one prescription and I ended up paying $26 with my insurance! That was an awesome savings.

Well, I am going to rest now. I am tired. Good night and God Bless.


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