Adventure Never Ceases…


So, for those of you who think it does not get cold in Texas, I am here to tell you it does. And it is truly colder when the heater in the house BLOWS. It went out last night, yes when it was 20something degrees outside! Thank God they were able to get contractors out here tonight and replace it. But we froze until then. So, we are enjoying the heat now.

And I was thinking about getting a pedometer and tracking my steps, well I did. And I have been tracking my steps. I am not doing as well as I thought I would. But at least I am doing it. Right now for the first day I have 5,954 steps which says is 1.12 miles. I should be at 10,000 steps. So I need to make my walks with Bo longer it seems. So tomorrow we will go to the park and walk. That should do the trick!

The only thing is that because of this garbage with the heater tonight, I missed church. And that does not go over well with me. I like going to teach and learn from those kids. You know, I never would think of myself as a teacher…but I love it. And I learn alot from those kids too.

Well, it is time for bed so I can be ready for tomorrow. Oh, BTW my sugar was 117 tonight. That is the best it has been in YEARS!

God Bless


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