I Feel So Good About My Progress


and according to my doctor I have every right to as well. I had my major appointments today for my eyes and my diabetes. Apparently through other visits it was found that the vessels in the back of my eyes are bleeding slightly because my sugar has been so high for months now, well over 3oo and 400 at times. Because we have done everything to get my sugar down and it has been so long they have said that they wanted a specialist to look at my eyes to see if I may need those veins cotorized. This procedure would stop the bleeding and relieve pressure off of my eyeball, hence relieving the headaches as well.

So, this is the first appointment I went to this morning. I layed flat on a bed, where he dilated my eyes, no shoes or socks! And he put pressure cuffs on my ankles, knee, and arms. He checked each one separately, like taking my blood pressure all over my body. Then he had me move to a chair where he put another pressure cuff on my arm but took the others off. Then I sat there for 5 minutes or so, deep breathing for him. Then he told me he wanted to make strain pressure; like I was pooping! He said pooping! He said he was checking my pressure reflex. Then he sat me in another chair and took pictures of my eyeball with the brightest flash ever! Needless to say, now everything was blurry and my eyes were crossing.

Now that that blinding torture was over, I get to see my doctor for my diabetes. Needless to say I am a little cranky since I have been fasting since last night and now it was about 9am and I had not eaten and had not taken my medicine. I felt like I was going to fall asleep in his office. So, I get weighed and I lost 4 pounds since 2 weeks ago so that is great! But that is just the beginning. My sugar was 194 while fasting! That is good for me. And they took my A1C and it had dropped .8 in just 2 weeks! My doctor is so impressed with the weight loss and the A1C going down that he is not anticipating any surgical procedure on my eyes whatsoever! He wants to monitor me real close and see if everything continues to go down. If it does I am on track and my eyes may repair themselves.

Other than that he did put me on a new medication for 2 weeks to see if it does help the repair process. Because apparently even with sugar it can not go down to fast either or that can be bad. So, it had to be a gentle decline. He does not want me going from 400 to 100 overnight my body will go into shock. So, to help my pancreas and other organs he has put me on an injectable medication called Victoza. I think it is funny because it is made from the saliva of a Komodo Dragon! Wait until I tell Isaac that! That is only a temporary medication while my body is leveling out, so that will only be used maybe a month tops.

So, as far as I am concerned I am feeling pretty good. I came home and took Bo for a walk after I ate some Cheerios and a banana  and took my medicine. I am off work today from all the poking and prodding and testing. It just took a toll on me. But I welcome all of the good news of my body healing.

I pray every day for healing and that God will just touch my body and restore it to health. I believe in my heart of hearts that is what is happening. I used to hate taking the medication and I resisted it so much, but I realize that God placed intellect in the hands of the ones who made the medication that will heal me. And for now I need to take it to assist in the healing.

All the Glory goes to God.


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