I am Too Tired to Sleep


and I probably would not be able to anyway since my right leg and right arm are killing me. Yesterday while i was walking Bo he went to take off after a squirrel and he yanked so hard he pulled me to the ground, Hard! I slammed my knee on the ground and had to catch myself on my arm and other knee. The problem is that it was the arm I had my surgery on and it did not even start hurting until today. My leg is throbbing still. I am sure nothing is broken, badly bruised I am sure.

So I am in pain and still go trudging to my job this morning. The job I have begun to really rethink. The people in my office are being such jerks lately and I am not sure how to exactly handle it just because they are acting so childish. There is one woman, and I use that term loosely, who acts like she is above everyone else. It drives me crazy because she claims everyone is wrong about what they say or do. I was told to help her with a project by my boss and she acted like a stubborn child saying she did not need my help. So, I did not help her. And then came to work the next morning and she started in on me at 6am in the morning about how my boss should not have asked me to help her. At that point I decided to put my headphones on and ignore her. Then she went on to tell the other people in my office not to talk to me also. So, they do not talk to me either. Then she went on vacation and the office went to normal and everyone was always normal and talking and joking. Then she comes back and Poof! none of them talk to me. Today they were talking about me while I was right in the room. But they thought I could not hear them because I had my headphones on. I just get frustrated because it makes it hard to work right next to them and they be so phony to me. So, I am going to give it until Monday and if they are still doing it I am going to talk to my boss, who is in Florida. Which makes it harder because he does not see what goes on there. He does not see how it makes me feel.

I have been working alot on my writing online. I would like to start writing my book, but I am so scared. I feel like I am writing my testimony all over again. And it took me a long time to write that out. I have so much to tell about what God has done for our lives and I feel like I am holding back, yet I do not know why. Maybe I will make time soon, I think I can make it come together.

Oh, another cool thing is that I got my new glasses. Which not one person noticed today or yesterday. Not one single person said they looked nice, which is a kick to the ego; but oh well. I like them and that is what matters. Lately I feel like I am invisible. Like I am in a room full of people and yet none of them can see me.

Nothing much more has happened. But I did not want to go to long without writing something. I am trying to keep this blog updated so I can clear my mind once in a while.

Thanks for listening.


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