I like Hectic Days that Turn Calm :)


I am sitting here tonight, pretty calm now, actually. Despite the sort of hectic day we had. Isaac went back to school today from vacation. So I ended up going to work late because his new driver can not start until tomorrow. But it is crazy when me and Isaac are both trying to get ready at the same time in the morning. That is why we are on different schedules 🙂

But, whatever happened to that kid in school today blew my mind. Because when I picked him up he had such a huge chip on his shoulder I was even stunned by it. It took a second for him to regroup and realize who he was and who he was talking to. He was getting so smarty mouthed in the car on the way to the grocery store. And actually started arguing with me in the middle of the grocery store about fish! All I could do is pray that he was not going to start cycling in the middle of the grocery store. That would be awful! But, luckily, and I am probably the only mother that will say this, luckily he was just being a smart mouthed pre-teen! But I know how to get the mouth under control now. So we not only went on one walk today; but we went on two. If it is one thing I have found with Isaac…wearing him out will bring him back to reality. Needless to say he was asleep by 8:15pm.

But, on a better note. We went grocery shopping because we wanted to have fish for dinner. We went to Kroger and found some nice looking salmon. I asked the man to skin the salmon for me and ended up butchering it! I refused to buy it and so we ended up having turkey burgers. Well, NO BUN turkey burgers since I can not have the bread. Had sides of cauliflower and green beans and onions. It was good and Isaac loved it to. Another successful diabetic, low sodium dinner to put under my cap!

I have to get back on track in the office, really. This whole silent treatment these people are doing is really making for long days. It does not so much bother me, it just gives me a long day. There is a woman at my job that if she does not agree with what you say or if you do not do something exactly how she thinks it should be done she tells the other people in the office not to talk to you. Like junior high! So right now 3 out of 5 people in my office do not even speak to me. Purposefully excluding me from lunches, conversations, and even basic good morning or have a good afternoon salutations. I really get tired of it. But I put my headphones on and listen to 94.9 or 90.9 and if that gets boring I have Christian minded CDs I listen to. I just get bothered because I am not like that. I love everyone, I do not care. But I have to remind myself not everyone is like that. I just keep remembering that Jesus even said to pray for your enemies. So, that is precisely what I do while I am at work. I pray that she is moved, or retires! 🙂

So, after doing everything I was supposed to…walking and eating right. And at the end of the day I end with sugar that is 247. It is better than the 300 and 400 I have had recently. I am scared to death to go to the doctor on Friday. But I am taking the fish oil now and I am not going to allow him to put me on a medication for my triglycerides right now. Because everything I read says that those will stay high until the sugar comes down. Call me crazy, but I do not want another medication. I think we need to focus on my sugar and everything else will work out.

Well, off to another night of sleep. Maybe Katy Perry will let me sleep tonight. Two nights in a row she wakes me up to play catch! Yes, the cat plays catch!

Good Night and God Bless



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