I should stop Being Amazed…


but I am not. Everytime God blesses my family and friends I just feel so comforted. I guess that is why He is called our Comforter like in 2Cor 1:4. I have been living in His Word more these days than ever before. I have been impressed to pray for people, whether I am close to them or not. And I have prayed for myself and Isaac as well. And yet again another prayer was answered today. Let me explain…

On Saturday I started looking online and even placed an ad online that I wanted a dresser for my bedroom. My other one is gone and now I needed to replace it. I had to get some order in my home, and especially some organization in my room. Sunday, I went to church and a great friend of mine came to me saying her sister had a dresser and she wanted to know if I wanted it! Well, of course I do! But that was not all; she also had a hutch, a mirror, and a nightstand! All things I do not already have, but have a need for. She said she would empty them out and give me a call when they are ready for me. I figured it would be a week or so, Nope. They called me today and we arranged to have another friend of mine go pick them up and bring them over here! Now, do you see what I am saying? How great God works! I only said in a passing prayer how it would be nice to have a dresser. And He gave me 3 new pieces of furniture and they threw in some curtains as well.

If that was not enough, it was another calm day. The last day before school goes back into session and I go back to work. So, my friend and I went to see a movie with all the little ones. But her two oldest kids were not there and it did not seem complete without our entire Brady Bunch there 🙂 We saw the Smurfs and I really enjoyed it. Even Isaac liked it.

My sugar did not really give me issues today, probably because I have been avoiding it. But I did wake up and eat a good breakfast and take Bo for a walk. I got up and around and was very productive today, so in my opinion it was a good day.

Just a relaxing, Miracle filled day like any other. Some people only consider a Miracle something huge. Not me, I consider any day that I get through without crying, without getting angry, and without hating myself a Miracle in my book. These are struggles that I deal with on a daily basis. My resolution was to be transparent, so there you have the first steps on fulfilling my resolution.

Good Night and God Bless


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