A good Day


It was a good day today. Of course I started the day with taking my sugar, which was 219, but after I had breakfast, read my daily devotion for the new year and got ready we went to church.

We heard an excellent sermon by our P Hanks based on Eph 6:10-24. He talked about the Key Principles for Walking in Victory.

  • The ENEMY we fight [Eph 6:10-12]
  • The EQUIPMENT we wear [13-17]
  • The ENERGY we use [18-20]
  • The ENCOURAGEMENT we share [21-24]

And the 3 enemies that we fight are actually…

  • world – system around us that opposes God
  • flesh – inherited from Adam
  • devil

Now, you would think that hearing a great sermon like that at the beginning of the year would be enough, but it was not. I actually had a friend of mine Linda Ecker and the Pastor’s wife praying over me for relief from my diabetes! How awesome is that!?

Coming home; we took Bo for a great walk and even took him to a fenced in lot where the police take the K9 dogs for breaks. He got to run around for a while and get nice and tuckered out!

Dinner was basic because I do not want issues with my levels tonight. We just had tomato soup and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.

We have been relaxing and I did a bit of work online to earn a little money 🙂 Which is always good. I rearranged my bedroom because a friend of mine has a sister who is giving me a dresser and a hutch for my room. So I made room for it and swept the floor up.

It has not been a ton of excitement today…just the way I like it. And to end the night my sugar is 300 even. That is a sign I need to go to bed! Curl up with my kitties and go to sleep.

Good Night and God Bless


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  1. I am glad to hear you and Isaac had a wondeful day. You were missed around here. Kris, I will never forget you and wish we could chat. I only want the best for both of you. CJ and Amanda got a divorce because she was cheating on him. We still get to see Cody and Devin when CJ is home.

    Take care and a Very Happy New Year to you both,

    Love you,


    • I am sorry CJ and Amanda got divorced. But without God being the focal point of any marriage, it will not make it. It is a shame that we do not chat anymore, but I think that is best for now. I have had the opportunity to really focus on my life and the true impact I have through my testimony. We have strengthened ourselves in Christ and we pray you do as well. I am glad you still get to see Devin and Cody, family is important for them.

      Until next time. God Bless.

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