6 months huh…


I think 6 months is long enough to go without posting to this blog. I am surprised they did not close it out on me!

Anyway, I am just writing real quick to say that 2012 is almost here, and with that comes changes of course. So, with that being said I am becoming transparent to my friends, family and church family. I am taking control of my life and turning it around for the better. I am going to work my hardest at getting my health under control and taking a hold of this diabetes that is trying to bring me down.

So, instead of everyone asking me separately if I am okay, it will be posted here. I can not promise posting daily. But I will posts with my doctors notes, sugar levels and medical information. I am asking the people who I care and love to hold me accountable.

I am making changes in 2012, and I am not just saying it either. Just wait and see the results for yourself.


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