What an Adventure for Isaac


So alot of you have been asking what is going on with Frank Reed and Isaac and the picture?? Well, I was waiting to really tell to many people until it was set in stone because I did not want to get his hopes up. But…

Frank Reed is a DJ on our favorite radio station KLTY 94.9 and he had a contest the other day to win a week at camp for your child. It was the easiest contest in the world, all you had to do was tell him how awesome your kid was and why you thought they deserved the week at Pine Cove Christian Camp.

I immediately started writing of course, because if anyone knows how awesome Isaac is it is me and God! I told him his dad is out of the picture, he has accepted God being his father and my husband and the man of our house, Isaac was the reason I even walked into First @ Firewheel on August 30, 2009 [which happened to be my birthday]! And I also told him the decision we made to get baptized, however being baptized together was a welcomed surprise! By the time i got done ‘bragging’ on Isaac I really thought he did not stand a chance. Because regardless of what situation we ran from in Ohio, we realize we ran right into God’s arms. We deserve nothing  for being obedient, not a week trip. I sent the email, not expecting much.

That afternoon Frank Reed himself called me and asked me about my email, needless to say I was in tears by the time I was done telling him about what we have been through and how strong Isaac has been through it all. When he told me they wanted to give the week of camp to Isaac I lost it. Crying at my desk I am sure my co-workers thought I had received awful news. But it was actually the exact opposite!

However that is only the beginning. I got a call today from a representative from Pine Cove that explained something else to me that they want to do. The executives of Pine Cove are going to call Isaac on Sunday and do an interview with him about what it means to be a Christian and how he feels about going to camp and what he expects to get out of it. Isaac is going to basically be the voice of all the children wanting to go to Pine Cove this year. His story and interview will be used in the training camps this year to train the counselors and give them insight on what the kids are looking for!

Isaac has made such a difference in his life in the past 2 years and in the past month alone has been a huge transformation! Now, he has a chance to talk to other people about it. I can only imagine my son is beginning to make his testimony. I am crying while I am writing this, but never of tears of sadness, not anymore. I know that we live for God and I know what happens at the end!

I have no idea where this will lead him, but wherever it leads him I am right next to him guiding him as a mother should be.

God Bless; Kristina


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