Do I Have to Be Nice, All the Time? Not Today!


I do not see why I have to be. Not all the time. And not today! And being nice does not mean I have to agree with everything every person has to say. That is why we live in the United States of America, so we can own our opinions. I have opinions just like everyone else, but I do not blacklist people for not agreeing with me. However it was done to me today for the last time. This person I will just call Shelly has black listed me for the very last time. I could care less if there is any further contact between Shelly and me.  I think it is for the better anyway.

But there is a few things I want to clear up before I begin the process of wiping Shelly from my life.

  • I do not think you are in pain as much as you say you are, I think you are terribly dependent on the pain pills now and are scared to get off of them. You go to several different doctors and get several different prescriptions to the point of forgetting what medicine you have already taken and when, that is an issue only you can realize you have a problem with.
  • If you were in so much pain to where you can not even sit in a car as you say, you would not be able to go to Walmart practically every day. It does take a car to get there.
  • Your fascination with having a surgery or a medical procedure done on you for this or that is disturbing to me. You enjoy being told you are sick, you get some kind of sick twisted ‘good’ feeling out of it.
  • You want every person to agree with you about things that no one has to agree with you about. I have a right to my own opinion and I will voice it if I want to.
  • You have hurt me for the last time. What you do not understand is that God gave me a loving and caring heart and I refuse to allow you to kill that. You are trying and have been for some time and I have sat back and watched. I am not enjoying the show anymore and refuse to watch you any longer.
You do not need to know where I am 24 hours a day. You do not have a right to question why I did not call you. You have no right to be angry because I am to busy with my son to call you. That is absolutely selfish of an adult to even think a parent would take time from their child to listen to nothing but negative.
I have been telling you for a long time to think positive, or to think or the good things and you always speak negative. The last straw is when you text me at 9am at my job with negativity. I do not need that. Nor do I allow that in my life.
So you deleted me from FaceBook, that is OK. All that means is you are making it easier for me to cease all contact with you and for that I thank you.
I think that is more of something that a junior high scorned girlfriend does, but I suppose a 60-something year old woman has all the right to do it just the same.
One more thing; remember why we stopped talking in the first place; You wanted me to agree with you about how you can make your daughter in law’s life harder than it already is and possibly endanger her son living with her when she has done nothing wrong. Because I did not agree with you sabotaging a family, you no longer want to talk to me? I am sticking to my values here. What you wanted to do was wrong! Just plain wrong! No one is a perfect mother, but stop trying to cause problems where there does not have to be any.
I also think everyone should look into themselves before they decide who should be giving parenting advise to anyone.
It relieves me to say Good Bye to You.
I will pray for your daughter in law, she will need it.

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