This Mother’s Day is Different.


The new house is great! We love it. Last week we had an entire new roof put on, so that is good for a few years at least. I am still working on the kitchen, but really we have just been working on it on the weekends because of work and school during the week.

This time of year is always bothersome for me. Mother’s Day is so hard for me. On one hand I have a beautiful son that I am so proud of and I try to be a good mom to him. But then on the other I have my mother. I just found out she was still alive a few months ago and she refuses to speak to me. I have tried to send her e-mails letting her know I am not angry with her, confused, but not angry any longer. I got a response but no positive response at least. So, it is hard for me to be here on Mother’s Day knowing I have a mother but she does not want to even breathe the same air as me. I have found 2 pictures of her on FaceBook;

The woman in the white dress on the far right of the picture is my sister Jerita, then my mother in the middle Mabel, and lastly in the red is my other sister Lisa. Then the picture with her standing alone is my mother again. I wonder if anyone sees them walking down the street one day if they could just tell them that Kristina forgives them. All of them. I have no hatred to them, no anger and no bitterness for what ever happened. I was so young I did not have a say in anything anyway, so I do not know why I have been exiled from the family. But I do not need to know why, God knows why and he has removed all of my fear and anger from this situation.

With me and Isaac both being baptized on Sunday, Mother’s Day, this holiday really means so much to me. It is such an awesome day for us both and I just wish the rest of my family could rejoice with us. But I have realized through it all that my God is the best husband, father, brother and man of my life that I could ever ask for. He is the only reason I think this year’s holidays have not been so crazy. I have not felt so depressed or alone. Because I am never alone as long as I am praying.

I just wanted to get it all out in the open and off of my chest. I feel better now, and I have put this behind me once and for all.

God Bless and Good Night;



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