More Changes…But for the Better


Wow, well no surprise here. We have moved again. I feel like I should never unpack because we are always moving. And I know if Isaac is sick of it I sure am. But this time we had no choice. Our apartment had major issues and the roof began falling in and then once I called out code enforcement I found out that the supporting beam was broken in half! Yes the supporting beam is the beam that holds the 2nd floor apartment from coming crashing into the 1st floor apartment. That was not all though it was the constant stench of mold, mildew and the lack of professionalism when it came to maintenance. They had NO clue how to fix anything and actually wrapped a towel around the leak in the ceiling to stop it. I went ahead and included the picture of the towel for you. That was the huge hole in our ceiling that they could not figure out how to fix and make it stop. During this time Isaac has been having seizures, sickness, vomiting, headaches and upset stomach for many weeks. After an MRI and many tests his own doctor told me it was his breathing environment.

So after the City Inspector came out and they way he looked at me I knew that we needed to get out immediately. I went to meet with a lady about a rental house in the same city limits so Isaac would not need to change schools or drivers. She worked with me on the deposit because there was alot of repairs to be made to the house. We are doing most of the repairs so she will then give us a break on the rent and such. The house is very likely going to be a rent to own after a while since the owners are in their late 60s and early 70s. We have already redone the living room and are starting on the kitchen now.

I have been working alot on line to give extra income since Isaac’s insurance does not cover all of his expenses and so far we are staying above water. No tax return again this year. I will be glad when this debt is paid and over so my life can get back to normal. But as long as I voluntarily relinquish my tax return I can get it paid off sooner.

I will be updating more often now that we are getting settled in the new house. We are getting used to being in a house so this is all new to us. One thing is for sure we sure have been blessed. When everyone else has turned their backs on us and left us to fend for ourselves we have always somehow come out on top, now I know it was never an accident. It was forever the Grace of God that kept us on top.

Here is a picture of Isaac doing yard work for the 1st time in his yard! 


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