What Are Some People Thinking?!


So my frustration level is at its high point and I have decided it will be OK. I am relying on God and Prayer and that is what has carried me my entire life so I am enjoying it right now. I feel at peace with all this. I really am trying to at least. I tried to reach out to Isaac’s family today for help with family history because every doctor I speak to wants to know details. Well, since his family is not around I do not have details.

I called the number I had for his father, it is disconnected. Not surprised since I already knew he moved to Atlanta and left Ohio. So I called his aunt, asked her if she knew how to get in touch with his father. She gives me his father’s-mother’s phone number? Why? She does not want to give me his I suppose, I do not even believe in a million years he does not have a phone. She tells me I should be able to get any information I need from her. This I chuckled at, she has never liked me or tolerated Isaac so I already knew it was going to go nowhere. But, I called anyway. She answers and I ask her if she has a way to contact Isaac’s father because Isaac is having some tests done this week and they want medical history. All she keeps saying is she will send his father an email. Not even letting me get a word in edge wise. Even after she heard that Isaac is having tests ran, she never asked about him or if he was OK or even what was wrong. I was disgusted and just said Thank You and hung up.

So here it is 6:30pm CST and I still have not heard a word from anyone. Why should I be surprised? None of them even remembered his birthday, Christmas or anything. He has not received so much as a phone call or card from any of them. Father included. So, I will not be calling any of them anymore, at all. I can live without the family history information. I do not have family history on me because my mother refuses to give it to me to. So, we will just rely on doctors and nurses to guide us along the way.

We begin testing on Tuesday and that is where he has the MRI. The doctor invited us to come out tomorrow to see the machine and go over what they will do. So he is not so scared or worried about the actual appointment. I talked to him about it earlier and he was not impressed, so we may or may not go.

Praying for a peaceful weekend.



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