Please Lord. Cover Isaac With Your Healing Hands


This all started night before last. Wen our lives got flipped upside down. When I picked Isaac up from school I could tell there was something wrong but I never imagined what was to follow. We went through the typical day with homework, dinner and friends over to play. But amidst all of this his emotions were like a roller coaster ride that neither one of us could get off of. He would start crying, be extremely angry and then happy and joyful back to back with no reason why. It finally got to the point of him going to the room and breaking down in a sobbing cry. I went and sat with him until he fell asleep because he had no idea why he was crying. And either did I. I just sat with him and waited for him to fall into a sleep.

The next morning when he woke up he asked me if he was crying because his eyes were swollen and red! I thought he was kidding when he asked me and I accused him of being funny. He told me he does not remember anything. Now I am worrying, of course. I start talking to him about the night before. He does not remember doing his homework, eating or anything. Actually the last thing he remembers is talking to the coach at school during gym. Which means he lost about 12 hours of his day and night total. I immediately thought he was cycling with the bi-polar. But he had never lost this much time before. He has had headaches and mood swings, but never this bad.

I took him to his psychiatrist and talked to her about it and she said it is not related to bi-polar at all. She said it sounds more like a seizure without the tremors. She referred him to his pediatrician. I took him to his pediatrician who has now referred him to a neurologist. So now on Tuesday at 4:15pm my son will be having an MRI done first. Once the MRI is done we will go from there. They mentioned also 2 other tests also but I do not remember the names of those.

My mind is a mess right now. Between work at the office, Isaac, the gym, work at home and this apartment falling apart around us I am so drained it is unbelievable I am still standing. My main focus is Isaac of course, praying for him every single day. This is not something he needs. We need these tests to come back clear and there be no seizure activity present.

Please pray for my guy! Thank you and God Bless.


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