The Introduction to the Toilet


OK, so I was sitting  here one night and figuring ways I can cut corners here or there on bills. For some unknown reason my job wants to change the pay days which will inevitably mess with when some of my bills are paid now. So needless to say while going over a budget and talking to a friend of mine she mentioned actually getting rid of my GIRLS. Rosie and Squirt! I laughed at her and obviously told her she was crazy. I was joking and said I would train them to use the toilet to save on litter before I would give them up! Ding! Idea struck! Why not train them to use the toilet and save on litter and liners and stuff?

After going on-line of course someone had invented a method of training cats to use the toilet after only 4 to 6 weeks. This is sheer genius, if it works. The entire kit from CitiKitty is about $30 with tax and shipping. Well of course I figured I would give it a try.

It came in the mail today and I have removed the regular cat litter box completely. I swept the floor and Isaac mopped it thoroughly. I set up the plastic litter box in the toilet ad put biodegradable litter in it. Sprinkled in a little cat nip and showed them both the box. Squirt has been the most interested in it so far, Rosie is pretty hesitant right now but warming up to it. Isaac has even made a sign for the bathroom door to not shut the door or the toilet because ‘kitty toilet training is in progress’.

Stayed tuned for updates and how exactly it is going…


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