Here is an Update, If you are Interested


It has been a while right, too long I would suspect. Since my last post I have had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and now getting ready for Christmas. Well as far as Thanksgiving I went to my friend Debbie’s house and spent time with her family. We had a great time and I actually cooked a turkey in a paper bag!

It was juicy and great! I have never done that before and I think I have a new way to cook it from now on. I usually do not like turkey but I do now.

So, let me tell you about Christmas now. I got an email today from a woman in Grand Prairie and her son that they want to adopt Isaac for Christmas! At first I thought it was a joke and I prayed on it before I even answered her back. Praying that this was not a sick joke someone was playing on me. I answered her back after several hours and then she sent me an email back and I just had such a peace come over me. God knows how hard the holidays are for us. Isaac takes it so hard that he does not have a dad to celebrate with. He worries about whether I am ok through them and he should not. He has such a huge heart this is God’s reward to him I just know it. So more news on that later on…

I have been praying for a Christian man to step into our lives and take a stand in our family as the man of the house. I am very leery of men as it is, but a certain man has waltzed into our lives recently. We have only talked and not met yet, but the spirit in him is special. I have not felt like talking to a man before like I talk to him. We have so many trials in common. When he talks to me about how he was saved and the changes he has made I get such a feeling of peace. I am not jumping the gun here, but I am really enjoying talking to him.

I have been updating the websites for my church lately and I am so proud of myself. I want to share the sites with you all. So here they are:

I am going to close it up now since I have to et to bed, but just keep my family in your prayers. I pray for my friends and relatives each and every day. I love you all so much.



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  1. I have never heard of baking a turkey in a paper bag! I have got to try it. I’m glad things are looking bright for you and Issac. As always, you both are in my prayers. Love ya!

    • Oh, it was excellent. Rub it down with tons of butter to keep it moist, add your seasonings and throw it in the bag. On 425 for 20 minutes then down to 250 for 20 minutes per pound. So good. Listen, watch the mail; there is a family Christmas present coming your way, Enjoy! Love you all!

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