You can Not have a Testimony without a Test.


So it seems things have changed yet again. But for the better, definitely for the better. Isaac has transferred schools and he is out of public school! God has made it possible for him to go to Charter School where they teach the emotional and social side of school as well. There is only like 15 students in the 6th grade! He is able to ask questions and get answers about work he does not understand. The school offers MMA classes; mixed martial arts self-defense and free tutoring. Isaac has grown in just the short 2 weeks he has been there. Being bullied by teachers and students in his old school was getting ridiculous, a change had to be made. I prayed for a change and he was accepted into a Charter School very close to my house. Since he has started he has done an excellent job. He is still learning how to adjust to a smaller class and his teachers. He is not used to his teachers actually being nice. He is not used to people actually caring if he understands the work. It is surprising that he has adjusted so well. He will be in Charter School for the remainder of his education as long as I can help it he will never be back in public school.

I have been working on smoking; or rather quitting. I have not smoked since Friday night about 8pm. I have not told anyone except the girl I sit with in the nursery at the church. I have found that when I really want one, I just talk to God and ask him to wipe out my desire for the nicotine. I have not fallen yet and pray I don’t.

I have been working hard on-line and in my full-time job. I want to get some past due bills paid off so I can look into buying a home. There are a few things I need to pay off before I do that and that is what I am working on now. Every dime I make on my freelance writing is going to help clean my credit up a little at a time. I refuse to file bankruptcy [I don’t have that much debt], and I realize I need to make good on the debts. I will research Dave Ramsey’s plan and follow it.

Alot of changes for the Riggs’ house, all we ask is that you pray for us. We were vulnerable a year ago, not anymore now we are children of God and we know he has our back no matter what. We understand more and realize knowledge is power. Much Power.

God Bless You;



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