Just Listen to What You Ask For…


Seems like when things start going well, they turn out ending great! I had just recently been talking to God and said I did not really know where I fit in at the church. I felt like I was just attending and not giving back which left me feeling a little empty inside. Well; this week all that changed.

I was invited to work with the babies in the nursery and after a bit of awkwardness in the beginning I feel as though I was a help and not a hinderance while in there. I loved playing with those little babies and seeing them smile and calming the cry of one. It really made me feel important in a way I have not felt in some time. With Isaac growing up I don’t have alot of tears to wipe away anymore 😦

Then on Sunday I spoke with the Sunday school teacher about doing a webpage for our class and he liked the idea. There was already a page out there but was not getting updated regularly. He is just a wonderful [and very busy] man; I was drawn to offer my help. I worked all day yesterday and Isaac even pitched in by taking the photos for it! I think we did a great job all in all; now just waiting for a response from the teacher.

Isaac has grown into a bit of a shutterbug and thanks to 2 friends from church last night he is super excited about being the photographer for the upcoming sites we will make. He began taking pictures immediately and I am teaching him how to use the software on the computer to glam them up a bit. He was going through a period of so much anger and resentment; I really pray this is the step up he needs to feel like an important piece of the puzzle again. It is different to hear it from someone else; instead of Mom all the time.



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