Continuing on the Road to my Testimonial…


I just feel the need sometimes to jot down things God has done for me. Yesterday was a day like no other. It seems like whenever I plan, something goes wrong. So I love the days that just flow with no plans.

Well, my friend Debbie called me to see if Isaac and I would like to go to Studio Movie Grill, it is an awesome movie theater where you watch a 3D movie and eat a nice dinner at the same time. It is a bit to pricey for us, so we have never gone. Well, with free tickets, we could not resist. On our way to her house, my tire completely blows out down to rim on the road! In a busy intersection. Before I even thought I flung the car around and did a U-Turn, there was for some reason NO traffic in this usually very busy intersection. And the parking lot we swung into was a tire shop!!!

Not only was the man able to put on a new tire, he only charged me 25$, which was exactly the amount of cash in my pocket – a twenty and a five.

Back on the road in less than 10 minutes and to Debbie’s house. Never missed a minute of the movie and actually got there early!

God is wonderful. He puts little road bumps in my way every so often to test my reaction. Will I trust in Him? Will I give Him the Glory? Of course I did and I pointed out to Isaac it was God that made it all possible, not me driving crazy 🙂 or me swinging into a tire store, God directed that car and kept that intersection free of hazards so we would be protected under His hand.

God has the Glory and deserves every bit, I am not worthy of it, but to Him and in His eyes I am Gold.

Thank you Jesus, because of you I am who I am today. A better person inside and out.


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