Am I Ready for Junior High?


Well today was a milestone for us, Isaac’s first day in Junior High. I love my son, however he has a distinct way of telling someone something, tact is not his strong suit…

It went something like this:

Mom: You want me to go to the bus stop with you?

Isaac: OMG Please, Can’t you just watch me?

Mom: Sure, you don’t want to sit in the car while you wait for the bus though.

Isaac: OK Mom, no kisses and no hugs, just sit in the car and watch me and pretend like you are not my Mom.

WHAT?! Like I am not your mom. My heart broke. I quickly recovered and realized my son is growing up.

So, after school I am waiting for the bus to come. It was supposed to be here at 4:15, it is 4:45 and the bus pulls up. Off jumps Isaac and he runs in the house.

This went something like this:

Mom: Well, how was your first day?

Isaac: Mom, let me give you the Low Down. [Low Down, what the heck is a Low Down was my thought]. I love my band teacher, the coach is the Science teacher so we just talked about sports all hour, I do not want to be in Honors math because the teacher gives homework everyday and there was a fight on the bus on the way home!

Mom: What does Low Down mean?

Isaac: Oh Geez mom just fill these papers out for the office.

Mom: Who was in a fight on the bus?

Isaac: Noone mom, never mind. *sigh*

Junior High is going to be hard. For me mainly I am thinking. Does anyone have a translation dictionary from pre-teen to adult?? I need One!


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  1. Sorry, no manual, but if you should come across one… let me know! Sounds like it’s going to be a fun year. My kids start Sept. 7th. Wish me luck. 🙂

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