The Pieces are Coming Together, Finally…


I want to start this blog with the fact that God is a patient, tolerant, understanding God and I have been assured of that in so many ways. More over the past year then ever in my entire life.

I have prayed before I was saved for God to help me find my family – my biological family, my natural family, my roots so to speak. I never was given a name, a face or even a lead. Once I was saved in November of 2009 I have since found my 1/2 brother, John; his son, Dakota; my aunts and uncles. And just this week I was able to locate my Mother and 2 more sisters. I have not figured out why she wants nothing to do with me still, I was a child when I was given away. An innocent child fallen victim to unforeseen circumstances. I tried to contact her through FB and she replied simply with a message notifying me of my brothers death in 2001 and that she had no intentions of following up with contact with me claiming ‘I chose the way I wanted to live my life’; once again I was a child.

However I was not going to accept that as an answer and I scrolled through her friends and found a familiar surname, Teeter. I sent a friends request and wow, who do I find – more family! I have just had a wonderful conversation with the widow of my deceased brother. She in turn informs me he loved me and talked about me in such a way to where it was apparent he was worried about me. What struck me as odd is she asked me if I ‘left’ – I was a child. I was given away. I think my Mother has told this family something in order to make them hate me or dislike me so much they have no choice but to stay away. However it did not work with Karen. She was open and friendly and told me something that set my mind at ease. My brother was ‘saved’ and a Christian before he died. This made me feel so good, because I know for certain we will meet again now.

So to sum up my first year as a Christian; I have gone from being a very small family of 2 [Isaac and me] to having 2 brothers and a sister in law, 2 nieces and a nephew. All of which have been nothing but kind, calm, helpful and very loving people. How I wish I did not lose so much time with them, but we have so many years ahead of us to catch up.

Let me share with you what I know…

This is my father, the handsome man he was. He passed away in 1980

This is my brother John – we have the same father, but different Mother

This is my brother Tony with his new daughter – he passed away in 2001

This is my Grandmother on my fathers side – Daisy Riggs; she owned a Doll Hospital

This is my grandparents on my fathers side – John and Daisy Riggs

Ughh; if only there was a time machine I could jump in just for a day! I miss and love them; they are a part of me and I of them. I pray one day my Mother will come around and my 2 sisters will have contact with me, but I am also prepared if that day never comes. I will continue to pray for them and their salvation no matter what.

God Bless; Kristina


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