Am I Strong Enough For This?


I have not posted a blog in a while because I just have been putting it off I suppose. But tonight I am just going to let it all out, I am so tired of keeping this in. It is more of a letter to someone then a blog…If you take offense I apologize ahead of time.

Why would you do this to me again. In and out of my life, is all you know. I have known you for years and we have shared so many moments together – good, bad; really good and really bad! It seems it always ends up the same way though; with me in tears and you off living your life. I am sick and tired of worrying about you when you don’t care if anyone worries or not.

This last time is the last straw. You called me remember, crying that you needed a place to stay! That you got beat up by your no good boyfriend. I opened my house and my heart once again to you and look what happened. You had a job and were doing better…What the heck happened? You left your boyfriend, quit your job, went on a date and never came back! You have been gone for 8 days now and no phone call or anything. I know you are alive, but I know you are housed up somewhere with some guy doing God only knows what!

All of your things are still in my house, taking up room that I could use for something else. I feel used, mistreated and lied to. I feel like you lied to me. You told me you were coming right back, that was 8 days ago.

I am a Christian, but I know I am not perfect. But you know what God gave me a new start, and He can do the same for you – if you let him. You said you were saved and then a month later you were in the streets! I am so disappointed in that is makes me so sad to know one of God’s children is hurting so bad that they think noone is there for them or that noone loves them. I do love you like a sister, if I could choose a sister you would be it. But I can not be an enabler to your addictions.

I have to say Good-Bye. I love you, but Good-Bye. I will continue to pray for your true salvation and healing. I will continue to pray for your release of your addiction and the shackles that bind you.

Good Bye;



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