OK, OK I give – You have my Attention!


I want to tell you all something, and I have never meant it as much as I do right now. God is Almighty! He can and will move mountains out of your way so you can see light…As long as you are living up to His word. I found that out this week. I want to shout my story from the rooftops, I wonder how many people would actually hear me…

On Saturday I went to a water park with my dear friend and her boys to enjoy the afternoon. When I pulled into the parking lot my car starting smoking and I heard something ‘pop’! I was so scared I jumped out told Isaac to get out and I popped the hood to make sure it was not on fire. I saw something shooting liquid out of the back near the bottom. I was certain it was the radiator hose. Well my friend had called a friend of the family and had them come and look at it. Found out it was in fact Not the radiator hose and we were all afraid it was the head gasket.

Frustrated and ready to throw in the towel, my friend takes my hand after she brings me home and we prayed. We prayed for everything; peace of mind, resources to fix the car, guidance for me to understand what they are talking about and wisdom. When my friend prays, she covers all the bases! [Thank you Debbie] 🙂 Well, that night was Saturday and finding a tow truck that was not a million dollars was near impossible. I called another friend at the church and was told to call another friend at the church 🙂 See where I am going here…God is literally having me go through the church to wrap me with the most loving people ever. I called a friend and they actually put the tow on their credit card until Monday when I could turn it into the insurance company! So now after midnight Saturday night Sunday morning the car is home and I go to bed, burnt to a crisp from the sun but nonetheless I go to bed.

Sunday comes and there is no way I can go to church – I am burnt from the sun, aching, ill from heat exhaustion and I have no solid plans for the car. So when my friend calls I have to pass on going. However, that did not stop me from having a conversation with God. It went a little like this if I remember…God if You really want me to keep this car and get it fixed it can not interfere with my home finances. I can not cut back on rent or lights and Isaac is home for the summer so my grocery bill is higher 🙂 God if You want me in this particular car make a way for it to be done and I will follow Your lead. I did not fret Sunday, the car was parked. No one would steal a car that they saw towed in the parking lot so it was fine. I slept away my Sunday and had no worries in the world.

Monday morning I got a ride to work from the girl I work with. So I would not miss any time from work either. I waited for 9am to come and I called my finance company where I have the car. I was asking the man if I could possibly defer a payment for the month and use the money to fix the car. That way I would have the extra for the repair and I would not miss a payment. He sounded confused and advised me I was actually paying a month ahead on my car and my payment was not even due until JULY 20, 2010! What! I have been paying a month ahead for all this time and had no idea. Well, anyway I had the extra to fix the car and it would not effect the house, as long as it did not exceed the monthly payment.

Back to finishing my conversation with God, it went something like this…OK God You made some funds available now if you want me to stay in this car it can not exceed the car payment money. I can not afford anything extra right now. God I trust You with everything, I will follow You.

So after work my friend takes me to meet her mechanic to see if he can look at my car. He agrees and has someone that can tow it for half of what it was towed for before. This mechanic is so nice and I just know he will find what is wrong with the car. I get a call that evening that he has found the problem and can fix it for me too! My first question was cost. He said he would do everything for 175.00! Amazing! Of course I agreed. He told me it would be ready Tuesday morning.

So, Monday night I am sitting down figuring all of this out. It went a little like this…

Car payment amount: 320.00

1st tow: 98.00

2nd tow: 45.00

Repair: 175.00

Did you add it together yet?? Well, I did quickly enough to realize it was 318.00! Below 320.00! Below effecting my house at all! I immediately started crying and Thanking God! When I did that my phone rang, another friend from church that just called to check on me [Thank you Jeff]. Then when I hung up another friend from church called [Thank you Paula]! I could not believe it, I was stunned! Amazed. Overwhelmed. God was working so hard in our lives and He wanted me to see Him do it so I would Stop doing it! Once I stopped and gave it to Him in my friends car Saturday night He took over.

I started attending church in August, was rededicated and Saved on the alter by Pastor Mangrum in November and from that day forward God has amazed me every single day. All I have to say to people that do not believe me, is try it and see what happens. Try God on for size, He is one size fits all and I could not be more happy than I am in his arms right now and plan to be for the rest of my days!

God Bless! Kristina


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