Now What???


Well, I went to the doctor today and they will not even see me! Since he has to write a prescription he will have to list my appointment as a ‘visit’ and not a ‘physical’ so they want $236 upfront first. I can not do that. So, I left without even a physical. No medicine and not monitor or strips.

I have been on the phone with the insurance company, wellness clinics, free clinics and everyone I can think of. It all boils down to money. I do not have enough and the free clinic won’t even see me because I do have insurance!

So I will be stopping the medicine tonight, not testing my sugars and put this in Gods hands. When I get home I am washing my body of this disease and whatever God wants to do with me, I am all for it. I am so discouraged right now and all I have is Him. Noone is willing to help me, no agency, no company…nothing. So, it is up to Him.

God Bless.


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