Loss Gets Easier and Easier


As sad at it is to say it; I have to actually pay tribute to the Foster Care program I was in for the majority of my younger years. Finally! Something good has come from it. I think with the constant moving, changing friends and new schools it has given me the ability to say ‘good-bye’ with no worries and no remorse.

I usually do not use names and it is so hard not to in this case, but I will stick with the anonymity. However, I knew this woman for about 3-4 months and it has been a spiral to say the least. She has so much drama and every week a new issue of some sort. I have held my tongue for some time and was able to say ‘good-bye’ to her last night and actually feel relieved. After being accused of being a liar about what the doctors, nurses and paramedics have said to being cussed at it was actually very simple to wash my hands of her whole mess.

I was told a long time ago she was only using me for a ride here or a ride there, but I told myself  ‘no, she would not do that’ when in fact that was exactly what she did. Used me. It hurts, but it hurts alot less every minute I think of what she has said about me and what she has said to me.

I am aligning myself with God fearing people and she can not stand it because I do not have time to settle for whatever it is she is doing. When I saw photos from her so called ‘photo shoots’ OMG, I was appalled. There is no way any self respecting mother would take photos of herself in positions like that! I tried to overlook it and to this day I still pray for her salvation, but she has drawn the last straw. You have to remember whenever someone clicks that button to take your picture you Never know who will see them. And if I was able to find them so easily on line, one day her children will too and she should be ashamed.

There is a verse in a song I am going to end this blog in; “I’m not looking back, moving ahead, here to declare to you…my past is over”

I use this blog as my sounding board, please take note, if you are sensitive or ‘overly’ sensitive…you will not want to read it anymore – I do not want to hurt anyones feelings. But I refuse to keep mine bottled up anymore!

God Bless


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